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Tubulars and carbon rims(6 posts)

Tubulars and carbon rimsJessicaR
Mar 6, 2002 11:11 AM

Just bought some Zipp 303s and recently glued up some Vittoria CXs to them (after cleaning the rim with acetone). I'm no stranger to sewups as I've had them for some time now, but after these were dry, something just didn't seem right. I deflated them and was able to easily remove the sewup. There was very little glue left on the rim (most of it was on the base tape). I used Vittoria Maskit One. Has anyone else had problems getting sewup glue to stick to carbon rims? Normally I have to fight the tire for a while before even getting it close to coming off.

2 questions..Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 6, 2002 12:02 PM
im not sure as ive never had carbon rims nor even seen what the 303's look like in the area where it is to be glued.


is it safe to clean the gluing area with acetone?

and also what type of roughing up did you do the gluing surface on the rim?

i only ask as their must be a different approach to the surface prepration if you are experiencing difficulty.

i would check with Zipp or with who you bought them.

good luck.
2 questions..JessicaR
Mar 4, 2002 11:18 AM
Yes. Zipp recommends that and a few other cleaners for the rims. Also, the rims are smooth on the glueing surface. Carbon fiber does not take kindly to "roughing up". Zipp has posted instructions on their site as to how to mount tubulars on their rims. The procedure does not look any different from the way I normally do it. I'm beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with the glue...
re: Tubulars and carbon rimsgonzo77
Mar 6, 2002 4:47 PM
I have 404 tubulars and i found the same thing to happen wheni use Mastik One. I used Tubasti once and that crap doesn't come off. Tires stick on like hell though. But it's just TOO messy. I'm using 3M Fast Tack now and that seems to be working best for me. Plus it's fast like it says so u can glue it at night and go ride in the morning. Hope it works for you
re: Tubulars and carbon rimsJimP
Mar 6, 2002 5:58 PM
I have a pair of Nimble Crosswind wheels that needed to be roughened a little. When they were new the glueing surface was very slick. The acetone cleaned the slick rim and then I had a very clean, slick rim. I used a 400 grit, wet or dry paper and lightly sanded the surface. I am using Conti glue and even now most of the glue comes off on the base tape but it is very hard to get the tire started off of the rim. When I prepare the rim for a new tire, I clean it first with naptha and coarse steel wool to remove the old glue followed by a wipe with alcohol. I then paint on a couple of coats of glue diluted 1 to 1 with naptha (lighter fluid). After that has thoroughly dried, I apply a coat of full strength glue, wait only a few minutes, and mount the tire. Nimble recommended the tire be mounted "wet".
re: Tubulars and carbon rimsmackgoo
Mar 7, 2002 6:57 AM
I think that with in a day or two you will find this to be true. Try to take them off in a month. I had some 440's and I never rolled a tire.