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Mavic Open Pro or CXP-21 ?(7 posts)

Mavic Open Pro or CXP-21 ?PeterRider
Mar 4, 2002 9:38 PM
... which of these wheels would you recommend ? I don't do any racing.

Also, is there a good web page with reviews of wheels like that ?

Thanks !

re: Mavic Open Pro or CXP-21 ?sprockets
Mar 5, 2002 8:37 AM
I forget if the CXP21 is the one made with Maxtal ( I think that is the name) the same material as the open pro. If it is NOT, then the open is the way to go in my humble...

As an alternative, as I think that the Mavic line is nothing special once you get away from their top line equipment, I have used the Velocity Fusion rim, and I like it a lot. Semi-aero, very strong, just a bit heavier than the openpro, but way lighter than Velocity's jown DeepV design-which I like but which has some heft. And the Fusion is about the same price as the openpro. Just a thought.
Not even a close calljtolleson
Mar 5, 2002 11:36 AM
The CXP21 has been a common choice for production bikes is the $800-$1200 range, and has been rumored to be prone to spoke breakage.

The Open Pro is a rim, not a wheelset, so the ultimate quality will be influenced by the hub choice. Nevertheless, laced to any decent hub it is a reasonably light, bombproof, reasonably priced option. You can't go wrong with OPs, in my opinion.
CXP's are just rims, too.jw25
Mar 6, 2002 5:48 AM
and in my opinion, both would be fine for training. I have to echo another poster, though, and say not to limit yourself to Mavic.
I've been riding Velocity Aeroheats (on the mtb) for a bit, and their quality is easily equal to the big M. They don't use eyelets, except on the Razor, but I had no problems with alloy nips and Revo spokes. They aren't welded, but the rim seam is very smooth on both rims.
There's also Campy, Araya, Fir, Rigida, Vuelta, and undoubtedly more rim makers out there. All make rims for most situations.
For training, my preference is a heavier, semi-aero rim, with 32 14/15 spokes and alloy nips (I tend to round brass - yes, I know that's the opposite of most people, but hey). The deeper the rim section, the stronger the built wheel tends to be, and using 32 spokes makes them very strong, and easy to replace in case of catastrophe. I also try to keep rims close to the same width, for ease of swapping them out, but a few mms isn't too bad.
So, of the two choices you list, I'd go CXP-21. They'll hold up fine, and a little extra heft on training wheels is good.
Got both, forget the CXP21's.Chen2
Mar 5, 2002 3:38 PM
We've got some CXP21's that came on my wife's 5220 new, hubs are Ultegra. They are ok but heavy and feel slow. The rear doesn't stay tru long. We use them for the indoor trainer. I'm about to build my second set of wheels using Open Pro rims, Chris King hubs, and DT Revolution spokes.
Go Open ProDannyBoy
Mar 6, 2002 4:23 AM
I have blue Open Pro's laced to Campy Chorus hubs, the front being radially laced (although Campy don't recommend that), and I love them.

They're comfortable and strong and mine have stayed true after a year of solid riding on rough roads, I think mine are quite light too - as 'averagely good' wheels go.

Pro's on Daytona or Ultegra or even 105'd be great all round wheels.
About CXP-21sFred the Cross Poser
Mar 6, 2002 7:08 AM
Peter -

I have a set of the CXP 21 rims laced with some pretty thick looking spokes to Campy Avanti/Mirage hubs. THese wheels came standard on my Bianchi Eros. I put on over 8,000 miles with few problems before replacing them.

BTW, I have weighed as much as 220 while on these wheels (I weight lift all winter) and ride on broken backroads in New Hampshire.

However, these rims are nothing special and can be found spec'ed on some pretty low end bikes. As Jessica noted, these rims seem to be the manufacturer's favorite spec. The wheels I have seem very heavy compared to others.

I have never broken a spoke and have taken some big hits on them. I would think that spoke breakage would be more a factor of how much care went into building the wheel. I am planning to use these on my Cross Bike when the current Matrix Aurora rims get too bent up...

If you are set on CXP-21s, you can find loads of prebuild CXP 21s with various hub combinations being sold on Ebay for very cheap money. You can also find these wheels left behind at your LBS (new buyers upgrading wheels)

I have never seen the CXP-21s rims sold as aftermarket rims (not to say they are not available) but I do see Open Pros rims everywhere. Seems to favor the Open Pro...

You may find that the CXP-21s are somewhat similar in crossection to the CXP-33s. I have not ridden the Open Pros, nor the CXP-33s and so I won't speculate.