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rattling Ultegra STI shifters(2 posts)

rattling Ultegra STI shiftersvelolover
Mar 4, 2002 3:20 PM
I got the suggestion from someone at to check with y'all on this...

I'm not talking about the loose plastic covers. I'm aware of the fix on the site.

My right Ultegra STI lever rattles over any uneven pavement. It appears to be the two lever blades, inner and outer, rattling against eachother.

Someone at said there is a little tiny screw in the upper part of the back of the big lever that hides behind the small lever. It causes the problem when it gets lost.

Anyone have the skinny on that li'l screw? What size is it if I need it replaced?

re: rattling Ultegra STI shiftersPaul
Mar 5, 2002 12:02 PM
Other posts suggest using locktight blue if the screw is loose (not sure of spelling). Another post bought these screws at Home Depot. Check the archives for these posts. I've checked mine, and they are both tight.