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stretching tubulars(5 posts)

stretching tubularstemplecat
Mar 4, 2002 6:00 AM
Hiya, I'm new to tubulars. Wisdom says you stretch a new tire on the rim (inflated) to make it easier to pop on the bike when you flat on the road. How long do ya stretch?
Once stretched is it good to go till mounted or do you have to periodically re-stretch it?


re: stretching tubularsVittoriaRubinowitz
Mar 4, 2002 6:07 AM
You'll probably get a lot of different answers on this.
I stretch my backup tubulars for a week, then dismount them and bag them. They don't seem to require additional stretching.
re: stretching tubularsJimP
Mar 4, 2002 8:36 AM
I stretch a new tire onto a "stretcher rim" I bought from Branford Bike. The rim is an old one that has never been used on a wheel and does not have glue on it. Once the tire is on the rim, I inflate it to about 160 lbs - for a Continental since they are supposed to be good up to 170. I then check the pressure for a couple of days to make sure the tire is good. BTW, I just had one with a little bit of glue on the valve that created a very slow leak. It is good to find out about a problem before you put glue on the tire because the shops wont refund your money for a tubular once it has been glued. I keep the new tires on the stretcher rims until I need to use them. The spare tires I carry with me are old and used but I periodicly mount them on an old wheel and pump them up to stretch them and make sure they will hold up under pressure. Happy riding...
re: stretching tubularsJekyll
Mar 4, 2002 9:07 AM
I just switched to clinchers after years of tubies. I had a couple of old tubular rims I got from my local shop. When I bought new tires I simply mounted them (without glue) on the old rims, inflated them, and left them in my basement until I needed them.
re: stretching tubularsnetso
Mar 4, 2002 10:59 AM
I used an old rim. I mounted tire pumped up to about 110-120 psi left overnite. Never had to re-stretch.