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computer magnet for Ksyrium ssc(6 posts)

computer magnet for Ksyrium sscbrutus
Mar 3, 2002 4:54 PM
Anyone know of a computer magnet available for putting on the bladed spokes of the Ksyrium ssc? If there are no specific magnets for this wheel does anyone have a way of mounting a conventional magnet or jury rigging a magnet to fit?

Thanks for the help

re: computer magnet for Ksyrium sscmerckx56
Mar 3, 2002 8:03 PM
cateye makes a magnet that has a pre-drilled slot and collar and will fit around the top/round part of a ksyrium spoke. a lbs that actually knows what they are doing (i know, there aren't many) should either have it, or be able to get one from quality bicycle products (qbp).
MAVIC makes a perfect universal bladed magnet, ask your LBS(NM)James
Mar 3, 2002 11:02 PM
Sigma Sportpmf1
Mar 4, 2002 5:16 AM
You can find them at many LBS. Cost is about $5. I have them on two sets of Ksyriums and they work with both SS and Flite Deck computers (probably other too, I haven't tried them). You have to cut through the rib in the middle before fitting it on the spoke. Its fits very tight an won't move.

I suppose you could glue or zip tie magnets to the spoke, but why?
Sigma Sportbrutus
Mar 4, 2002 8:14 PM
Thanks for the help I'll check it out. Since these bladed spokes are becoming more popular I figured someone likely would develop a magnet for them and it looks like they have.

Thanks again

If I had a dollar ...pmf1
Mar 5, 2002 5:12 AM
for everytime I've told people to put Sigma Sport magnets on their Ksyriums, I'd be able to buy a new set of tires.

I have no idea why Mavic does not include a magnet. Everybody who buys these gets them home and realizes the computer magnets they have don't work. Mavic supposedly makes a magnet, but I've never seen one. The SS magnet has a rib in the middle separating the normal size spoke hole and the bladed size. Carefully cut throught it, stick it on and slide the sleeve over it.

Enjoy the wheels -- they're nice.