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Rolf Sestriere hubs.......(2 posts)

Rolf Sestriere hubs.......Rusty Coggs
Mar 3, 2002 12:32 PM
I just purchased a set Rolf Sestriere wheels.The instructions talk about bearing adjustment and maintenance,but give no clue as to how.Say to take to LBS. Well,I got no convenient LBS and these things are the biggest mystery I have run into.I have Mavic,Velomax and Ritchey hubs with cartridge cartridge bearing hubs and have no problem understanding them.Anyone know the secret to getting into the Rolfs without screwing something up.No dummie here and typically do everything myself,buf after fiddling with these like a dumfounded chimp for over an hour, I give up!
re: Rolf Sestriere hubs.......merckx56
Mar 3, 2002 3:51 PM
the hubs are hugi hubs i believe. if so, on the rear, gently pry/pull off the cap on the non-drive side of the hub. that will allow you to pound the axle assembly out. cover the axle with something to you don't damage it. the axle and feehub are one piece. be very methodical and don't just start beating on it or it will shoot out the drive side and bits will fly everywhere. the pawls are attached the side of the freehub, so be careful. once it opens a bit, you understand what's going on.
hugi makes a tool, but it's hard to find and very expensive if you do. the tech guy at hugi told me this way.
when you put everything back together, don't use a lot of grease on the contact area between the ratchet device and the pawls, as it will slip under load and you will hit your nuts on the stem! that comes from my experience!
the front is the same way.