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New Seatpost?(4 posts)

New Seatpost?GDR
Mar 3, 2002 5:59 AM
I have a stock Kalloy seatpost on my 2001 Cannondale R-600. Will I be able to feel a difference with a carbon seatpost? Can anyone reccomend one for a 190 pound rider? What size do I need?
Can you feel it?Kerry Irons
Mar 3, 2002 8:08 AM
Apparently, karma, magnetism, cosmic rays, or some yet undetermined factor has a strong influence on whether you can feel the difference between an alloy or CF or Ti seat post. There's even the possibility that there are differences between seat posts! Some people swear that switching posts made huge differences, while others say they can't tell the difference. If it's comfort you're seeking, you'll certainly get a lot more effect with wider tires or a bit less tire pressure. And in a sense, tire changes are "free" since you were going to have to get new tires anyway.
re: New Seatpost?Jekyll
Mar 4, 2002 9:02 AM
I could not feel a difference when I switched from an aluminum ITM Big One (which I had originally swapped in place of the C-Dale stock boat anchor) to a USE Alien CF - the only reason I bought the Alien is because it's stupid light.
It seems to me that with the amount of seatpost exposed on most road bikes there is very little a change in seatpost materials will accomplish. That said, I can feel a bit of difference (I think) between a CF and an Al post on my mountain bikes - probably because there is so much more post exposed - I would guess this would also be true with compact road frames.
The above post regarding changing tires or playing with pressure makes a lot more sense when seeking comfort from your current ride than trying to improve it via a CF or Ti post. Maybe a saddle change as well.
re: New Seatpost?pmf1
Mar 4, 2002 11:21 AM
I've tried carbon (Look, Colnago) and aluminium (Shimano, American Classic, KORE, etc.) and cannot tell the difference. Even on the same bike. FWIW, I think the American Classic is a best buy -- its fairly light and easy to install/adjust the saddle. Its a bit short though (235 mm). For the money, I was disappointed with the Look post. Its got lots of fore and aft movement, but is pretty expensive. Looks cool though.

For pretty cheap, you can lose weight off your bike with an AC seatpost. I doubt you'll feel any difference though. If that Cannondale is beating you up, larger tires might help. I've also heard that carbon bars help a bit. I'm considering trying a set of Kestrel road bars. Not cheap though.