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Building with Suzue track hubs. . .(6 posts)

Building with Suzue track hubs. . .czardonic
Mar 1, 2002 5:12 PM
. . .any tips?
I am planning to use Mavic MA3 rims (36H). I would like to go radial, but have heard advice to the contrary.

re: Building with Suzue track hubs. . .jason in nh
Mar 1, 2002 5:40 PM
why do you want radial? cool looks? light weight? the ride?
With a 36 spoke wheel, you don't really gain the lighter weight. Is it for road use? THe lightest I would go with is something like a 15g spokes, 2 cross with alloy nipples, will look super cool, especially if it is the high flange pro max hubs.
re: Building with Suzue track hubs. . .czardonic
Mar 1, 2002 5:48 PM
Looks, yes, but I have also heard that building radial is less complicated (from Zinn).
i built the same wheels your planningSpirito di Finocchio
Mar 1, 2002 5:53 PM
36 hole, radial front, 3x rear. for a cheap fixie,

i perhaps overdid it a bit by using straight guage spokes but as i was building them i thought better to be sure. the flanges are strong enough for radial front spoking - make sure you run the spokes up along the inside of the flange and use some spoke prep as the only real problem you may get is from unwinding over time. rear radial - never seen it and have no experience.

everything rides fine. am yet to break 1k miles but it looks a good combo so far but i have not spared them as i do all my other wheels. as they were cheap to build part of me wants to see how far i can punish them - will post if anything gives.

a word on the suzue's - the bearings are ok but if you can its worth it to open them up and regrease before using them. mine seemed to spin ok for what they are but out of curiousity i wanted to check on the insides and found that there wasn't much in the way of grease.

other than that the ma3's are perhaps my new favorite rims - im finding it hard to see why $30 extra dollars and 60 grams less weight make a "much" better rim in the form of the open pro's - not in my experience. from what i feel i would suggest double butted spokes - just a hunch after building with straight guage.
i built the same wheels your planningcolker
Mar 3, 2002 4:28 PM
any difference other than weight when using db spks? my wheel is straight gauge, thick, bombproof spokes. it works fine but... we always want to tinker and change.
i dont know as i dont have a db spoke set..Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 4, 2002 1:29 PM
all my other wheels are 14 or 16 spokers.

but just from a "vibe" or gut instinct i kinda feel that my using straight guage was a bit overdoing it and scince building a have read and listened to a lot of top wheelbuilders express their preference for db instead of straight guage. db's were more than enough for 32 or 36 spoke wheels and that with uniform spoke tension will not result in failure.

im happy with what i have and wont change it but next time around i will have more faith in my ability and also the inherent strength of spokes on a well built wheel. from what i can calculate i would have saved just under 60 grams for the wheelset (36 hole front and back, front radial) by using db instead of straight guage and i really beleive the wheel would have been just as strong

interestingly some suggest db's stronger but explaining the theory would take me forever and a day and i didnt keep the links, but involved people like sheldon brown and jobst brandt.

simply put db spokes transmit a little flex in the thinner center section under strong loads where as straight guage suffered failure at the spoke bends which is is weakest point - the stress load was more uniform and its relative stiffness wasnt dissipated. this is all under extreme load and normal riding on a well built wheel wont go near this sort of pressure. add this to the fact that we have less spoke length for the compliance of a spoke to act then......

given that we allready have high flanges and thus a stiffer set-up compared to regular it to my thinking is my build was stronger than i would ever need. thus overkill and whilst 60 grams is not a great deal, it to me equates to 60 grams that i will never likely need.

not bummed but rather learning a little more each time.