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convince me (or not) to upgrade my group(11 posts)

convince me (or not) to upgrade my grouplaffeaux
Feb 28, 2002 1:43 PM
I currently have a full 1995 7-speed Shimano RSX group on my bike. I moved the components form my old bike to a new frame, and added 8/9-speed wheels (with an adapter for the 7-speed cassette).

I'm currently considering upgrading to Ultegra. The full drivetrain plus brakes is just under $500 (plas I can sell my old bike for a couple of hundred to off-set the cost). I'm not unhappy with my current set up, but keep getting drawn into the upgrade bug. The pros are: a little lighter bike, a little smoother shifting, and a little better gear range. The cons are a lot of money out of my pocket.

Should I give into the urge to go Ultegra, or stick with RSX?
my .02bigdave
Feb 28, 2002 2:48 PM
You like your current bike, right? If so, I don't think it's worth upgrading. Two extra speeds are nice at times, but I know a guy with a 6-speed (rear cog) mountain bike that is a rocket. He leaves me and my 8 speeds in the dust.

It's about the motor, not the transmission. If you like what you have, don't bother. While some may disagree, you have STI-type shifting, and that's half the battle.

Now, considering the age of the components, you may want to upgrade. Not that it's a tremendous amount of age on the components, but new stuff is new stuff.

And you've also hit on the "urge" factor. It might be fun to get some new stuff... you'll have a ton of rides just after you put it on where you say "Wow, this stuff is cool."

Hmm... I'm not much of a help, am I? :-)

As a cheapskate, I can see both sides of the coin, no pun intended. 1 side: cool new stuff. the other side: $500 to spend elsewhere.

In fact, speaking of that coin... why not just flip one? If it lands on the "keep it" side and you're instantly cool with it, you have your answer: old stuff. But if you find yourself saying, "2 out of 3," then you have your answer: new stuff.

Either way, you have a bike that you're happy with... and isn't that the most important thing?

But it's so FUN to upgrade!DrPete
Feb 28, 2002 6:16 PM
I just upgraded my Cannondale from 105 double to Ultegra triple (I'm weak in the mountains), and I'm very satisfied. On the other side of that, though, if you're moving right along with the components you have, there's no NEED to buy new components.

Just to complicate the issue further, 105 is a good, solid group and will give you the advantages (triple if you want it, 9-speed, nice quick shifting, etc.) of a new drivetrain without shelling out as much cash for the Ultegra. The value of the triple is not to be underestimated if you live in a hilly/mountainous area--I can finally jam up a nice big hill at a good 70-80 cadence. It's great!

As far as the 9-speed setup, it is nice, but not entirely necessary. You're getting this from a person who's always after the nice toys, so it's a little biased. Hope it helps, tough.
I also have a 7 speed, it does the job
Feb 28, 2002 5:23 PM
I have a 7-speed DA setup so I can see your point. For me the thing is fine but the only drawback is that I have downtube shifters. To me they are not convenient but at the same time they are really reliable. If you have STI I would say save the money unless you really want to upgrade to a killer bike. I think with the correct adjustments the old stuff shifts as well as the new stuff. It's funny because I do tri's on the bike and get some strange looks. And I am by no means that good yet, but it's funny to see these guys with 5K bikes going 15mph. 7-speed does the job. But if you do change let us know if you see a difference!
If you are putting in some serious miles...cyclaholic
Feb 28, 2002 6:59 PM
If you have been putting some serious miles on this bike since 1995, you've surely had to deal with certain issues like changing chains, cassettes, bottom brackets, brake pads, chainrings, etc.

If you ride a lot of miles and you've been putting off some of these replacement issues, I would strongly advise you to upgrade to Ultegra, as long as you can afford it, if for no other reason than dependability. I've watched riders really test the RSX components and, while they are very durable, I've seen some failures, too, and they always happen when you are in the middle of nowhere.

As someone who rides 6000-7000 miles a year, I can attest to the great performance of the Ultegra group.
You only live once, but shift a million times! Do it!(nm)James
Feb 28, 2002 8:56 PM
replace/upgrade stuff as it wears out nmgtx
Feb 28, 2002 9:26 PM
So what's your occupation?Spoke Wrench
Mar 1, 2002 6:03 AM
If you are an engineer, the answer is clearly no. Economically it makes more sense to use up the parts that you have before replaceing them.

If you are an artist, the answer is clearly yes. The improvements in finish and crispness of operation are reasons enough to make the change.
Thanks for the commentslaffeaux
Mar 1, 2002 10:23 AM
Thanks for the responses.

I was hoping that someone would say that the Ultegra is so much better that I had to switch, but alas, it's probably not true. I mostly mountain bike, and it's been my experience that upgrades really don't effect performance enough to feel much difference.

I'll eventually upgrade the bike, but I'm not sure if it will be this month, or in a year or two. I know I don't need to, but it would be nice.

Thanks again.
Nice to see somebody else still using RSXcory
Mar 1, 2002 12:13 PM
Seven-speed RSX came on one of my bikes--I think it's a '95, too, but I bought it used--and I've been thinking about "upgrading" since about the second week I had it. It's actually my backup road bike now, practically a beater, the RSX works fine and I don't see much advantage in having nine speeds instead of seven for the use it gets. But every time I look through a catalog, I start figuring how much it would cost to swap...
do it, Do it, DO IT!HHh
Mar 1, 2002 2:22 PM
You KNOW you want to, it's always on your mind, just do it and get it over with..... there will always be something else you want to buy