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Specialized Speedzone Pro Computer?(2 posts)

Specialized Speedzone Pro Computer?gray8110
Feb 26, 2002 3:42 PM
Anyone out there have any experience with these things?? They look nifty.. all the cool features that sound good on paper. The inclinometer intrigues me too.. Any feedback on these things??

re: Specialized Speedzone Pro Computer?HGS
Feb 26, 2002 6:28 PM
There are two Speedzone pro computers from what I can figure, the 01 and 02. I have the 01, which is the standard, not newer round model that looks like a speedometer. I used it all last season.

The temp gauge is sensitive to the sun, but gives a general readout that isn't to inaccurate. The altitude readout gives one theinstant elevetion and total amount climbed, which is a neat feature.

The inclinometer is calculation based on altitude change over time and distance. It is probably a rough guide, but it is nice to note that those really hard hill are 12% inclines.

All in all, the computer gives me everything I asked for, is wireless, and hasn't missed a beat in over a year.

Oh yeah, one important and perhaps most important thing for me. I use it on a pair of Syntace aerobars in a wireless mode. Every other computer I used was unable to work on the bars as the distance from the transmitter to the pickup was too far. This computer has apparently a stronger, or more sensitive pickup, to allow you to use it on the tip of those aerobars.