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Kitting out a Ghisallo.....(10 posts)

Kitting out a Ghisallo.....DannyBoy
Feb 26, 2002 4:58 AM
All a bit subjective, but I might be buying a Litespeed Ghisallo (more dreaming, but I may crack). I'm not really up on the best bits to use (away from the 'norm'), but wanna get it as light as poss (I'm 175lbs), within financial reason...

Let's say I buy the frame (med) and use pretty much mostly Record 10, what odds and sods do I use to finish it off with.....

Just curious what you guy's 'd do if you had the chance. Anyone know what the full spec of the one at Interbike 2001 was, think it came in at below the UCI's 6.8kgs. See below.

Also, would partial paint add much, all a bit weight weenie'ish I know.....
re: Kitting out a Ghisallo.....jakerider
Feb 26, 2002 8:33 AM
My .02
At your weight you are pushing the "unpublished" weight limit of the frame. However, if you have the
change, I would spec it more toward the colorado cyclist's feature ghisallo with the ksyrium wheels.
Again, at your weight you need to stiffen that particular bike up. There are better frame options within
the litespeed line-up.
re: Kitting out a Ghisallo.....schills
Feb 26, 2002 8:33 AM
USE Alien carbon seatpost(128g). Saddle. . . Sella Italia SLR(135g) SLR Evolution (125g) or Evolution 3(110g). Easton Carbon bars(180-190g). Speedplay Pedals X2 pedals. Wheels offer the most options. Look at Zipp, Velomax, Mavic, etc. You should be able to find a pair between 1400-1500g. . . 1200-1400g if you want to spend quite a bit more.

This is always fun stuff.


Ha Ha Bwahhaaaaaaa!!!Carl Packer
Feb 26, 2002 3:36 PM
175 lbs and you want lightweight stuff? Hope you enjoy replacing parts. That Ghisallo will probably be a noodle to you as well.
re: Kitting out a Ghisallo.....DY
Feb 26, 2002 6:03 PM
check out Thier web site is not the best, but they are nice down to earth guys. I was in there the other day and they had a Ghisallo hanging on a scale that weighed 13.5 lbs minus pedals. I just went to their web site again and it says they have just made one that weighs 12.75 lbs. These are both under the weight limits. By the time you add pedals and bottle cages, etc, you should be right at the limit.
re: Kitting out a Ghisallo.....DannyBoy
Feb 26, 2002 10:17 PM
Thanks guys, I'll be giving it much thought before I go ahead. I know weights not all, but as I may be getting a tax return fancy owning a really light weight cutting edge machine, I've been dreamin' about this since I was 14 and I'm 33 today so think it's about due....

I'm averagly built for a 6 footer, but recon about 10-15lbs of lard will be shaved of my frame before I dive on in.
re: Kitting out a Ghisallo.....Marvin
Feb 27, 2002 7:10 PM
You had better check the weight limits on that bike. Team Lotto just decided to end their rides of the Ghisallo because the bike was way too flexy for some of their riders. At 175 you are puching the envelope for that frame. Light weight ti frames often have excessive flex problems and this bike looks like a 150lb rider and under bike.
Adios Chas?boneman
Feb 28, 2002 7:14 AM
It's going to be a bit different going from the Chas and expensive too unless you found a deal in NZ or are taking a trip to the States. I've got a Vortex and the difference in feel compared to my single speed Roberts is considerably different although not in a negative way. It will definitely be lighter. There was a review in Cycling Weekly between a Ghisallo and a Hewitt Compact made from either Airplane or U2 Al where they preferred the Hewitt. I may still have the issue lying around and would be happy to scan it and email you the article. I'm off to Cornwall for the weekend but leave a post with an email if you want the scans and I'll get to it on Sunday.

re: Kitting out a Ghisallo.....mackgoo
Feb 28, 2002 7:38 AM
As they say check the weight limit. You could try to find an old copy of the last 2 cycling plus's they did a pretty in depth review over 2 issues on this frame set.
Heck if you have the money go for it.
All Record components.
Cinelli Gramo and Eubios diet and to keep you legal a Brooks Swallow sadle if you can find one. That should cost 6-7K.
Every one is giving you PRACTICAL concerns but what's practical about a 6-7K bike?;-)
Mar 2, 2002 9:19 PM
I love my Litespeeds but this bike is not stiff enough for most people especially 175lbs. I just got the Vortex and it is awesome and less only wieghs 16.5 lbs. Test ride the Ghisallo and you will see what I mean.
When I did, at a stop light I just pushed down on the pedal and I could see the BB flexing. It is a nice bike in that it serves its purpose of being light, but not for a medium size plus person. A light female or a very skinny guy maybe.
Get the Vortex if you are gonna spend that kind of cash. The Lotto team has been tearing up the roads on this bike and winning a lot so far on it.