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Custom Chris King wheels vs. Prebuilt(8 posts)

Custom Chris King wheels vs. Prebuiltcabinfever
Feb 25, 2002 12:54 PM
Anyone have any advice as to whether or not a set of Ksyrium or Velomax Orions are better than a customer built wheel with Open Pros and King hubs? I have King hubs with 517s on my mountain bike. The finish is amazing, and the ring drive engages instantly. I don't know how I feel about the straight spokes vs. traditional bent spoke though. Weight is probably negligable for me.
the king's would be cheaper (if you paid regular price)Geof
Feb 25, 2002 1:13 PM
But once again I'm gonna blow my ksyrium horn and say these wheels are the bomb.

Having said that, I opted for the King disco tek/mavic UST rim custom over CrossMAX. $$$ was one reason, the other was the totally proven King hub for MTB's. It's been my mountain racing wheelset dream for a long time. These new wheels will rock. I think overall it's going to come down to budget, chi-chi factor (ksyriums look TOO cool), and your mood at the time. I think no matter which way you choose you'll get a bombproof wheelset for whatever riding you may do.
Feb 25, 2002 2:12 PM
You talking about the new Mavic 3.1X disc rim that allows you to build a tubelessMTB wheel set using your own hub and regualr spokes? Just saw that these are now being offered and wondered if any one had anything to say about them. Am I also to infer that the King MTB hubs are now avaibale in a disc version?

Kinda call into question or your economics. At $325 for a King rear hub, then buying the front, the rims, spokes and paying for the build I think you can get the Ksyriums for about the same $$$. Then there's the whole concpet that the Ksyriums are bomber. Starting my 3rd season on them and the maintenance is neglible. Cost of ownership should also be considered.
Feb 25, 2002 4:54 PM
Yes to the mavic rim... Basically it's the same setup as last years Ksyrium in terms of spoke nipple/rim interface. I have not yet received the set, but the skuttle-butt is they really are strong, and the spoke/nipple issue is obviously a good one (ksyrium). Yes, to the King disc hub as well. Standard 6 hole adaptor to run Hayes disc. Since I'm an avid fan of CC (LBS) I'll pay a bit more for things if the service is good (it is). Also, I can get a bit of a retail break. Anyway, the Crossmax runs at around 900 full retail. I could have got them at around 750+tires etc. I built up the Kings with the Mavic rim, DT 14/15 spokes, brass nipps, with conti tires and rotors for about 780.00. CC tossed in the spokes for free (I've spent WAY too much change there)

I can update when I get them. It's gonna be mid March since the rims are so popular Mavic is having a tough time keeping up with the stock I guess.

In terms of Ksyrium bombproofness... I TOTALLY agree... I love these wheels... Some day when they die I would definately get another set. But, by that time we prolly won't have to peddle a crankset anymore...:0)
answer...CAAD5 Kid
Feb 25, 2002 5:16 PM
Mmmmm, chris king hubs laced to tubeless rims very very nice....but yes, chris king has been building disc hubs for a while now (at least 3-4 seasons) and they're bomber..the new version ISO is starting to replace my older dico-tek version.....(ahhhh, the joys of product advancement).
The whole tubeless rim thing is quite sweet....a lot of people last year were buying crossrocs..and then having the spokes cut out and lacing in a hub of their choice to the rim...but they were stuck with the drillings that the cross rocs came in.....but now....mmmmmmmmmmmm
A chris king wheel built up with like open pro rim and revolution spokes (or comparable parts) is gonna weigh less than Krsyiums even the new SL version ( weight is gonna be like old school heliums). Reliability wise they would be amazing and have completely off the shelf parts (rim, normal spokes, etc)..However, that being said..the Krysiums are bomb proof, stiff, and i've never seen a problem with em..besides the stickers peel off but if you did have a prob, most shops aren't gonna carry the spokes or rim necessary to get you back out in a quick fashion. I think either way you're set....good luck deciding.
Feb 25, 2002 5:21 PM
I said disco-tec, but I meant the ISO hub. Whatever is the 2002 version. Either way, I can't wait to get them!!!
King hubs laced to OP's won't be lighter than SL'sChorusRecord
Mar 2, 2002 8:07 PM
Hubs weigh 375g, OP's weigh 850g total, rim tape add another 40g (SL's don't need rim tape), nipples another 20g, to make an OP rim with the same stiffness as a Ksyrium SL you would have to lace 28/32 or 32/36. That would easily add another 300-350+ grams using DT rev spokes. Add it up and you have 1,530 grams for the SL's and 1585-1630 for the King/OP's, plus they will never be as aero as the Ksyrium SL's.
King hubs laced to OP's won't be lighter than SL'sCAAD5 Kid
Mar 3, 2002 3:10 PM
As my post reads it doesn't say SL's...i meant plain old last year model Krysiums..also..they may not be as stiff as a Krysium but thats ok because alot of people, myself included think the Heliums ride better than the Krysiums...the Kyrsiums are nice but....i'll take heliums over them any if somebody was gonna give them to me...well..