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BioMechanics(2 posts)

Feb 23, 2002 11:08 AM
I posted this to the racing group last night by mistake, so igonre the duplicate post there. - Is there someone out there that really understands the relationship between the body and the machine (bike)? It seems that there are so many variables in people to have everyone ride the same (basically) equipment. I'm speaking mostly about how the leg interacts with the pedal/crank. There seems to be so many different body types. Some people pronate, some are neutral and some supinate. There are leg length differences. Some are "pigeon footed" and others "duck footed". Some have wider hips and others narrower. If we make a big deal out of the difference between a 170 mm crank and a 172.5 mm (a 2.5mm difference) and we are so sure to have exactly 120 psi in our tires, then why aren't we equally detail oriented with our bodies? With the difference between the length of our legs or the fact that maybe one foot points out a little more than the other or that one foot is usually larger than the other. I know maybe some won't be interested in this, but I'm hoping to find more of a scientific person that may understand this and be able to shed a little light. I'm interested more from an injury standpoint rather than performance gain. Is there a company that offers a pedal that could take all of these variables into account?
re: BioMechanics_Marty_
Feb 24, 2002 4:31 PM
for the pedals.. my understandiong is that whatever difference, unless major, can be accounted for by the clesats.. i have my cleats set so either leg is comfortable.. yet when i look and measure them(cleats) one isnt centered and the other is.. i hsve one bad knee due to an old hockey injury.. never any problems there.. if its any help.. :)