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Upgrading 105 double to Ultegra Triple(5 posts)

Upgrading 105 double to Ultegra TripleDrPete
Feb 23, 2002 9:08 AM
I'm trying to upgrade my 2001 105 9-speed drivetrain to an Ultegra Triple. I'm replacing the derailleurs, crankset, and BB, but everything I've read has told me that my 105 STI shifters will work with the triple crankset as well. Has anyone made this conversion from double to triple? What modifications, if any, do I need to make to the front shifter to make the switch to triple? I really don't want to blow $200 on new levers, so I'd appreciate the help. Thanks!
You need a new lever,Rusty McNasty
Feb 23, 2002 10:02 AM
as well as a new front derailleur, BB, etc. Sorry.
Feb 23, 2002 11:39 AM
Because I'm just cheap, I checked with my LBS road biking guru. Apparently, the 105 group's STI shifters haven't changed since 1998, and they were built to be compatible with triple cranksets even in that year.

Just to double check, I disconnected the double front derailleur on my bike and took the cable in hand, and there are actually 4 stops on the 105 shifter: 1 inner, 2 for the "middle" ring (very slight difference between the two for fine-tuning the middle ring), and an outermost stop. I guess I should have tried that before I posted :) Anyway, I'll wait for my Ultegra parts to show up and try it out on the road.

Incidentally, I saved about $50 over Performance buying my Ultegra derailleurs, BB, and crankset from Supergo. It's an even bigger difference if you look at some place like Colorado Cyclist. The 4 components were $208 plus shipping. If you're in the market for Ultegra parts, check out Supergo!
Fret'll work just fine(nm)Samcat
Feb 23, 2002 3:39 PM
re: Upgrading 105 double to Ultegra TripleNo Excuses
Feb 27, 2002 8:54 AM
I upgraded an Ultegra Double to a triple and it works fine. Can't say what the difference would be for the 105.
The upgrade is can be done in stages. I stopped before I got to the levers.
Hope this helps.