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TCR Seat Post(4 posts)

TCR Seat Postjim hubbard
Feb 22, 2002 10:12 PM
Hi my sponser is selling my current ride(a connondale cadd5) and putting me on a Giant TCR0 for the next season. My question is what is the weight/ aero benefits of one of the Giant seatposts. Have there been any figures thrown around? I was thinking of using a USE alien seatpost instead.
re: TCR Seat Postcyclopathic
Feb 23, 2002 7:16 PM
they're heavy in the same range as generic low end alloy SP. I have one and like it but I was too lazy to drop it on scale.

With respect to aero benefits I haven't seen much info. Wheels generate ~2-3% drag, so SP must be ~0.3% (?) not comparible to skinsuit. Still aero probably outweights extra 100g of weight.

btw USE makes aero SP should be lighter hey if your sponsor pays for it ;)
re: TCR Seat Postjim hubbard
Feb 23, 2002 9:23 PM
The bike is only for RR, have a seperate TT bike. This is why I am wondering if there is much point.
re: TCR Seat PostTrekMan
Feb 26, 2002 5:00 AM
Try this link:

In it John Cobb talks about aero seatposts and what the thinks of them, from an aerodynamic point of view, it might be of some help to you.