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Ritchey Road logic pedals(4 posts)

Ritchey Road logic pedalstemplecat
Feb 22, 2002 10:34 AM
Got some Ritchey pedals that have prob. 10k miles, there's a bit of play side to side now. Anyone have any experience in rebuilding these pedals? Sealed needle bearings? Better to just buy new?

Hmm, Performance has Ti axle in their Forte Pro... could Ritchey be far behind....?


It's pretty simple.jw25
Feb 22, 2002 5:31 PM
Personally, I never liked these pedals, but to each their own.
Make sure the hex key is fully inserted in the tiny bolt holding the plastic bearing cap down. The bolts are very easy to strip, and once stripped (ask me how I know), need to be slotted with a dremel to remove.
Once those are out, the plastic cap is also a pain to remove. I used a very small jeweler's screwdriver to pry them up, but it did leave marks. Take your time, and they should come out okay.
Then you need to remove a small nut. I believe it's an 8mm, but due to the construction, you'll need a thin-wall socket to remove them. I ground one down from a standard set, but a shop might have something ready-made.
Once that's off, the axles slide right out, and you can clean and regrease inside.
WHen putting things back together, the nut only needs to be tightened enough to remove all play. Any tighter, and you'll destroy the bearings, and they'll feel nasty.
When I rebuilt mine, I used Phil Wood grease, but anything should work. I'd recommend not putting too much in there, but just coating the needle bearing and bushing. Since they're so tiny, there's not much room for excess to go, so it can push the seals out, and let water in. Not a good situation.
And if by chance you do mess up a part, send me an email ( and I'll give you a great deal on my used set.
Why don't you like these pedals?Pebbles
Feb 26, 2002 4:41 PM
I have these pedals, and I have never felt comfortable with them. I'd like to know why you dislike them. I wanted something light, but I often feel like I'm going to have an accident someday because I can't get into them easily-- they're always smooth-side up when I'm trying to get through an intersection. Is there another lightweight pedal you recommend?
re: Ritchey Road logic pedalsstella
Feb 23, 2002 8:13 PM
"pretty simple" his instructions are correct. also i rebuilt my first set after two years of hard use and it has been worth it, but after another two years, the wear plates will be worn out. the spindles can can be ordered from the ritchey rep. ask your lbs. better bearings can be had from your local bearing supply house. the spindles are about 20$ and the bearings about 10. grind a 10 penny nail head to a sharp edge,(90 degree) and tap out the bearing from inside the the body to the outside, carefully. tap new ones in with a tool that will cover just the edge of the bearing. of course, the pedals cost only 90 to 100 dollars, so who cares if they wear out in 2 years? they're very light with a spd cleat. btw, to make them wear longer i would suggest putting in good bike grease as i suspect the factory taiwan grease isnt good for the bearings. now ride. stella