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follow up to helmet fit discussion(1 post)

follow up to helmet fit discussiontarwheel
Feb 22, 2002 9:36 AM
Well, largely due to budget considerations, I took the less expensive route and ordered a Louis Garneau Globe helmet rather than a Giro Pneumo or Eclipse. I had about $45 in "points" from Performance, and the Globe was only $50, so it cost me about $15 with shipping. The Garneau sizes also seem to correspond to my head better than the Giros. I am pleased to say that the Globe arrived yesterday and fits me perfect. In the Giros, the S/M was too tight, and the L/XL felt too large. The Globe was just a little loose out of the box, but included lots of pads with different thicknesses to get the fit just right. Also, the Spiderlock mechanism on the back allows you to dial in the fit just right. Honestly, for $50 it seems to have everything that the more expensive Giro helmets have, although I must admit the Giros look a little nicer. Anyway, for those having trouble finding a Giro helmet that fits right, check out the Louis Garneau brands. BTW, I was somewhat influenced in my decision by a helmet review I saw a while back in which Consumer Reports rated the Globe as the safest helmet they tested. That's worth something in my book.