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Ritchey WCS Wheelset(4 posts)

Ritchey WCS Wheelsetwerdna
Feb 21, 2002 7:49 PM
Does anyone know anything about the Ritchey WCS Deep Road Wheelset?

Ritchey describes them as: "Deep Section Road Wheels New from Ritchey for 2001, the Deep Section Road Wheels are exceptionally aerodynamic and comfortably road compliant. 27mm front wheel has 16 bladed, stainless spokes, rear is 20 hole. Rims are machined sidewalls Hubs are forged and machined. Campy version available! Combined weight is 1550g."

Is that an accurate weight?

Right now I'm on Mavic CXP30 24-F 28-R straight guage spokes (Not sure the guage) 2x. I assume I would save a lot weight? Maybe around 500 grams?

I can get the Ritchey's for very cheap (roughly 40% off). Is it worth it? Or look for used wheelset?

re: Ritchey WCS WheelsetBeaver
Feb 22, 2002 6:20 AM
The weight is more like 1625 grams(Excel's website). Still lighter than Mavic Kryseriums. I've had my set for over a year and I love them. Only had to true the rear wheel once in over 3000 miles.

I'm not quite sure how much weight you will loose with the new wheels, but my medium TCR1 weighs in at 17.4 lbs. It was closer to 18 before I put those wheels on and changed the stem and handlebar to Ritchey WCS. Stock wheels on my TCR1 were Ultegra hubs, Mavic Open Pros, radial front, 3x rear. FWIW.

I am thinking about getting another set for my new Look frame once the budget allows.
re: Ritchey WCS WheelsetSpeed Goof
Feb 23, 2002 10:00 AM
The new 2002 SSC SL Ksyriums weigh 1,530 grams. When you take into account that they also don't require rim tape you are talking about a wheelset which has a real effective combined weight of around 1490-1500 grams.
CXP30 wheelset weights...VetteRacer
Feb 23, 2002 10:30 PM
I am running mid 90's Campagnolo Record hubs, Wheelsmith Double Butted spokes, 32 count, 3x crossings. Wasnt my choice, prebuilt wheelset...

Front weighs in at 943 grams, rear is at 1193. So 2136 total. If the Ritchey wheelset is as claimed then you are probably close in your weight loss assumption.

Whats the price on those wheels by the way? I plan on either custom building a wheelset or buying something like some 404's or some LEW's at some point, figured a drop between 2 and 2.5#'s can be made in just that.

Goodluck with your decision.