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looking for the best wheelbuilder in NYC area(8 posts)

looking for the best wheelbuilder in NYC areajohan burnt eels
Feb 21, 2002 4:01 PM
i have a set of new hubs and rims that i would like to have built by the best wheelbuilder in or around NYC.

i would like to personally meet them to discuss the build thus the reason for someone in my area. my experiences with the lbs have been ordinary to good at best resulting in me building my last set of wheels. the combo for this wheelset is a little out of my league so im looking to have it done and willing to pay the price.

i couldnt find any builder that offered the hubs and rims i wanted so this is why i am looking for a personal/custom builder.

advice or ideas appreciated.
re: looking for the best wheelbuilder in NYC areadavet
Feb 21, 2002 4:17 PM
Try this guy. I had him build a set of wheels for me, Phil Wood hubs, Mavic Open Pro, DT spokes. The reason I chose him is when I asked for his qualifications, he basically sent me his wheel-building resume and pics of his equipment. I was NOT dissapointed when I received the wheels. Beautifully made, exactly to my spec's. Fast turnaround, and great prices. I whole heartedly recommend him to you:
Frank Corda, Babylon, Long Island 631-587-8854.
would he be cool with my pre-[urchased hubs and rimsjohan burnt eels
Feb 21, 2002 4:21 PM
as a few other big name's of wheelbuilding were not keen - it wasnt a money thing, i just wanted a specific combination that nobody offered - older model campy hubs.

would he be cool with my pre-[urchased hubs and rimsdavet
Feb 21, 2002 6:13 PM
Call him, or e-mail, to find out.
will do, thanksjohan burnt eels
Feb 21, 2002 9:04 PM
Would you be ok telling us...AllUpHill
Feb 22, 2002 8:03 AM
... what hubs and rims you're having built? Just curious -- sounds rather interesting from what you've said so far. Thanks.
well...johan burnt eels
Feb 22, 2002 3:42 PM
campy pista hubs respaced and with road axles/skerwers and campy montreal rims with double eyelets (older and hopefully stronger than the current).

im still waiting on the frame before deciding how much to space the hubs out to. it is steel and with horizontal dropouts so ill have a bit of room for chain tension adjustment. im still not sure if i will go with a campy 111mm b/bracket or a phil wood which will give me a few more mm of chainline adjustment. im basically aiming for a chainline that i will be able to very simply convert the whole bike into a fixed.

the rear wheel will have much less dish due to the width between the flanges and the lesser offsetting. it will be a simple matter of taking off the derailleurs, downtube tube shifters, 1 chainring and swapping the freewheel for a fixed cog. as the shifters are friction only it wont take too much time to set them up again. my aim is for 1 bike, 2 wheels and a variety of purposes (multi geared road, fixed, free, commute, light touring).

at this stage im leaning towards stretching the hub spacing from 120mm to 126mm and using a suntour ultra 6 freewheel. i can go to 130mm and use a narrow 7 speed like regina or dura-ace but ill wait to see. a sachs pc-58 chain with 2 links and c-record cranks is what i plan to run with. dont worry, everything else is new/current. its only a small frame and around 20 pounds is my aim, but it will be tough.

it is a bit unorhtodox in that im building a bike around a set of hubs. the reason that im seeking a local builder is so that i can take the frame to them and we can make sure for all the calculations and so they fully understand what i plan to build. i move/travel (mostly O.S.) frequently due to work and have a lot of free time to ride and tour around and see. just want to ride year round and have the 1 bike for it. sure, i lose a few gears but will be selling my fixed and road bike to fund it and the remaining cash will hopefully pay for the best bike box i can afford.

im still unsure whether my current 9 speed rear derailleur will work with the 8 speed chain or whether i have to change the rollers to thicker 8 speed versions but branford have them for not much coin.

it will be funny going from 30 spokes and 18 gears to 64 spokes and 12 gears but the retro head inside me has been dominant of late and i dont race any more. im trying to keep it classic but as im using current campy chorus brakes i just may use the carbon campy brake levers for a little twist on the retro thing. and i might add whilst i am using freewheels and downtube friction shifters the thought of pedals with toe clips and straps has never entered my mind - im not that much of a grouch.
Feb 22, 2002 7:58 PM
That's an admirable project... I'm probably too spoiled and pampered by modern comforts for a change like that. Keep us posted on the progress.