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softride repair/replacement(3 posts)

softride repair/replacementhayden
Feb 21, 2002 7:29 AM
I just got a softride off ebay. Its a powerwing 700 (or classic tt as it's called now). My questions are:
1. Since I don't know exactly how this bike's been maintained, is there anything I really need to check on?
2. According to the sticker on the beam, it (the beam) should be replaced every 5000 miles. Is this true? Where would I get a new beam or how much would I expect to pay?
3. I paid 850 for the bike..It came with speedplay x2 pedals and campy chorus, or did I get ripped?
Spoke Wrench's 2 minute check-over.Spoke Wrench
Feb 21, 2002 3:11 PM
1. Try to rock each wheel side to side. If you can do this, the cones are too loose.
2. Lift up the bike and spin each wheel. Look for wobbles and hops. The wheel should spin for a good long time.
3. Pull the front brake and try to rock the bike forward. if you can, the headset is too loose. If the handlebar doesn't turn smoothly from side to side, the headset is either too tight or indexed.
4. Try to push a crankarm from side to side. If you can, the BB is too loose. Crank should turn smoothly.
5. Use the appropriate wrench to test both crankarms for tightness. Torque spec is usually 30 ft/lbs which is a good amount.
6. Watch the calipers as you pull each brake lever. Arms should move simultaneously in both directions.
7. Shift into all 18 gear combinations. While you may get some chain noise in the crossover gears, the others should be quiet.
8. Hold a ruler against the bottom run of the chain. On a new chain, two pins will be exactly 12" apart.
You didn't get ripped(nm)schills
Feb 22, 2002 9:56 AM