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help finding a new wheelset(4 posts)

help finding a new wheelsetseabear
Feb 20, 2002 5:26 PM
i'm new to road riding.. i have a gt5000 with full shimano 105 and now looking to upgrade my wheelset. i'm 6'2 210 pounds. i need a ligher wheelset that will handle my weight and be able to handle 100 plus miles a week..

thank you for your help.

straight pull spokes!!weiwentg
Feb 20, 2002 6:04 PM
e.g. Velomax (Orion Comp), Cane Creek Crono (a VERY underappreciated wheelset), Mavic Ksyrium, Campy Neutron/Nucleon (the Nucleons are reputedly very strong; no reviews on Neutron yet but it's the same design).
BalanceKerry Irons
Feb 21, 2002 6:06 PM
For a 105 bike, you will be way out of whack putting $800 wheelsets on it. Consider an Ultegra/Velocity Aerohead wheel set from Colorado Cyclist - $209. Should be plenty durable and a good balance with the rest of your bike.
Feb 21, 2002 6:30 PM
Following that line you can't go wrong with a set of Open Pros, DT spokes and traditional hubs from Shimano. Ultegra would be a decent upgrade from 105 level, but it's hard to justify the nicer DA's from a pure monetray/performance standpoint. You can get this setup machine built for dirt cheap, but at your weight it's worth paying the extra ~$80 (2 x $40) for the hand build. They'll last longer and stay truer. Another alternative is to get your wheels rebuilt with the OP's assuming your original hubs are in good shape. If you want something more exotic then the sky is the limit. Avoid heavily advertised/marketed/discounted wheels at fire sale prices. Examples would be Cane Creek, Spinergy, and Rolf. They're usualy nothing, but trouble.