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help with shifting problem(2 posts)

help with shifting problemweiwentg
Feb 20, 2002 4:41 AM
I run a Daytona crank/BB on an otherwise all Shimano setup. with my old
bike, everything was almost perfect, but when I shifted the parts to my new
bike, everything went to hell. the front derailleur throws the chain in the
3 smallest cogs, and there's chain rub all over the place.
my question is this: the Daytona BB has a 111mm spindle, and Shimano stuff
is 109.5mm. part of the problem is actually that the new front derailleur is
a braze on; on my last bike I had a braze on clamp adapter, and could adjust
the angle at which teh derailleurwas mounted. the seat tube diameter of the
new bike is totally different. is this what's giving me a headache?
re: help with shifting problemDrD
Feb 20, 2002 6:26 AM
I am confused a little about your inability to adjust the front der. - I have a braze on front der, and can adjust the angle and height of the front deraileur (the bolting surface of the der. is curved, allowing you to rotate it a little bit and change the height)

Could be that the chainstays are shorter/longer on the new bike, which is changing things a bit - however, if the front der. is throwing the chain, then it's probably out of adjustment - most likely the limit screws need to be adjusted.