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What am I missing? (bike buildup from scratch)(6 posts)

What am I missing? (bike buildup from scratch)Frankie
Feb 18, 2002 4:49 PM
Hi, I scored a nice frame deal and so I've been buying parts as I have been able to and thus far I have:
Front and Rear Der.
Brake Lever/Shifter set (with cables)
Complete wheelset (rimtape on em already)

I have on my other bike my saddle which I'm not parting with while I'm still breathing.

Other than that I know I need tires/tubes as well as bar tape. I am guessing I'll need some hedset spacers to adjust stem height? Or not (since the fork is as of yet uncut)? Anything I am blatantly missing? I'd really like to be set when I take the bike to LBS for assembly...

Feb 18, 2002 5:07 PM
Did you get a quote on how much the LBS is gonna charge you to build this bike? Did you buy stuff from them? I'd build it yourself if you can. Have them install the BB-headset-etc. And do the rest yourself if you have the knowhow. If you don't, buy a book (Zinn) and learn. You'll be more satisfied and you'll then be able to work on your own bike anytime. Also, you'll learn little quirks about your setup that a mechanic may not be aware of.

It's prolly gonna be pricy to get the bike built by the shop and then after it's done... you'll have to take it in soon after to have everything adjusted. Which will most likely cost you more $$$. This assumes you did not get the majority of the stuff from them...

Good luck either way...
Well...Spoke Wrench
Feb 18, 2002 6:27 PM
It looks to me like you either have all of the parts or know what you are missing. If you have a Shimano drivetrain, I think I'd pop for a Flite Deck computer before you tape the bars.

My question would be: Did you buy everything at once from the same source? I guess what I'm really wondering is things like if the BB is the right spindle length for your crank, is the clamp on your stem right for your handlebar, does your rear derailleur have the capacity for your crank and cassette combination - general compatability issues.

What's the frame and drive train? Sounds like a fun project to me!
re: What am I missing? (bike buildup from scratch)DrD
Feb 19, 2002 4:11 AM
You need those little rubber donuts to go over the rear brake cable along the top tube so that it doesn't rattle against the frame.

You should just assemble the bike yourself! I would have the lbs press in the headset, then put the rest together myself - save yourself some cash, plus gain a better understanding of how things work so that you can maintain them more readily yourself later. Only tools you will need are metric hex wrenches, bottom bracket tool, cassette lockring tool, a wrench to work the previous two tools, pliers (to pull on cable, and crimp cable end caps), some grease, and a set of cable/housing cutters - depending on what you have, you may or may not need any screwdrivers. All in all, the tools will cost much less than assembly, plus you still have them after the bike is built up. (you might want to have the lbs cut the steerer on the fork as well, unless you are comfortable, in which case add a hacksaw and a file to the tool list)

Most components come with installation instructions, and with a little effort, you can dial everything in so that it works great!

Before you bring anything to the lbs, make sure you check with them first to see if they are happy to do it - for some it's no big deal, to others, they really don't like it (and may treat your stuff accordingly - last thing you want to hear is "well, component X broke on installation - we've never seen this happen before, so the part must have been defective - if you bought it here, we would have been able to just swap it out, however..." you get the idea.)
re: What am I missing? (bike buildup from scratch)SnowBlind
Feb 20, 2002 1:32 PM
Seat tube collar? or does it have a built in seat tube clamp?

Cable caps. LBS should supply.
Bottle Cages?
For that matter, non-clashing bottles. Rode around for a week on the custom with Celeste green bottles from the old bike. Blech!

If it is that Colango frame from E-bay: duct tape and superglue.
Got Fit?grzy
Feb 20, 2002 3:49 PM
How do you know that it's going to fit you and that you're not going to need a different stem or wish for a different frame? What about your chainline - is the shifting going to be smooth? I'm wondering if your parts are all new or if you're collecting used stuff. Used stuff is, well, used, and sometimes it's too worn to work correctly - ever. Depending on your mechanic he may be able to work some magic or he may balk. In any event it's going to cost you some coin - figure something between 2 and 4 hours of labor plus the mentioned incidentals. And they're certainly not going to jump you to the front of the line.

You'll be way ahead if you buy a good book, a set of Park Tools, and a bike stand (the Ultimate bench mount is around $70 and works really well). You're going to need the tools anyway and putting the bike together is a good learning experience - *if* the components aren't tweaked. Besides, you seem like the type that's OK with doing things the hard way - and I LIKE that.