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Campy shifting help(5 posts)

Campy shifting helpJohnIV
Feb 15, 2002 8:51 AM
Ok, I need a little help. I've got a campy record 9 speed system on my Quattro Assi with about 1500 miles on the frame and components. For about a week now, the rear derailleur has been giving me a little bit of trouble. When I shift down the cogset, say from the 15 gear to 14, I get some hesitation that wasn't there before. However, going up the cogset, the shifts are still crisp and quick. Now, this is my first campy bike, and I see that there are barrel adjusters on the down tube and right next to the derailleur. Are these adjusters like Shimano's? Which way would I turn the adjusters to get my quick shifts back? Thanks for your help.
Campy shifting answers....Cima Coppi
Feb 15, 2002 10:15 AM
First of all, have you been able to duplicate this issue with the bike on a work stand? It sounds suspiciously like the derailleur cable is in need of a cleaning and lubricating. Check that road grime is not impairing the cable under the B/B shell. Try this first before making any adjustment to the barrel adjuster.

On the work stand, if the issue persists, adjust the barrel adjuster on the derailleur to the left (loosening the cable tension). Check that the derailleur shifts smoothly both up and down, and keep adjusting until it shifts smoothly in both direction.

Campy shifting answers....Eric16
Feb 18, 2002 2:05 PM
turning the barrel adjuster to the left will increase the cable might want to try turning it to the right (clockwise) but only a little sounds like its pretty fine tuning.
re: Campy shifting helpDaveL
Feb 15, 2002 10:51 AM
Do you have the leaflet that comes with the rear deraileur? There's some good tips on adjustment in there. Campagnolo has a website with repair/adjustment instructions. Try for help. Try this: it sounds like your rear deraileur is out of alignment, or the cable is too loose, or both. Shift to the small rear cog - right thumb shifter all the way down to stop - and tighten the cable at the rear der. Then check the alignment of the lowest pulley on the derailuer cage with the smallest cog - just eyeball it from the rear. Adjust the cage in or out to line it up with the cog using barrel adjuster at the rear der. ; check alignment at the fourth smallest cog - line it up at 4; then check alignment at your largest cog - line it up there being careful to keep the cage a safe distance from the wheel.

This procedure has helped me dial in shifting. Maybe it will work for you, too.

As suggested, make sure your cables are lubed, etc., too.

Good luck.
ClockwiseKerry Irons
Feb 16, 2002 5:24 PM
If you are only having slow shifts to the smaller cog, then you may get a total fix from "lengthening" the cables. This can be done by turning either the down tube or rear deraileur adjuster barrel clockwise by a half turn or so. However, usually things get slow on the shift to bigger cogs as the cables "stretch" as they settle in. This then suggests either a need for lubing the cables, lubing the levers, or looking for a kinked casing or a burr on a casing end.