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What's so special about the '16' cog??? Also...(2 posts)

What's so special about the '16' cog??? Also...geof
Feb 14, 2002 11:06 AM
Is it possible to mix and match dura ace cassettes with Ultegra? In other word's, if I bought a Dura Ace 11-21 (I think it has the 16) could they be used with say the 23-25 or 24-27 of an Ultegra cassette? Is it even worth it? Or, just get yet another (11-21) in Ultegra to get the famed 16 toother???
re: about the '16' cogChen2
Feb 14, 2002 11:32 AM
It's not any more special than a 15 or 17, but it's the one that Shimano drops off to allow for big cogs, since we only get 9. I see no reason you can't mix 9-speed Ultegra with Dura-Ace. I've converted my Ultegra 12-25 and 12-27 to 13-25 and 13-27 with the addition of a 16's. The rest of my components are D/A. I'll probably try it on a D/A cassette. Actually Shimano makes a 9-speed Ultegra 13-25 with a 16-17 cluster and a single 25 on it. I've never seen it offered in a mail order catalog though. The Shimano European web site has exploded views and charts for cassettes.