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What saddle are you using?(16 posts)

What saddle are you using?ksfacinelli
Feb 14, 2002 7:02 AM
There is an interesting thread on the racing discussion regarding what saddles pro's use. Interesting, but I am even more interested to here from the guys in the trenches, pushing the peddles on the Weekends - Weekdays, no sponsorship. What do you use???What works? What was a painful mistake?


For my bum...Cima Coppi
Feb 14, 2002 7:29 AM
I ride the San Marco Rolls saddle, and I love it. It is a tried and true design.

I have installed a Selle Italia Flite Gel saddle on my new bike, and I not drawn a conclusion yet as to whether or not it will stay. Some days I like it, and other days, I am very uncomfortable with it.

As for what did not work FOR ME (not knocking the saddles), I did not care for any of the Terry saddles, and the San Marco Era saddle. I tried each of these before buying the Flite.

Brooks! And I hated the Body Geocory
Feb 14, 2002 8:26 AM
I have Brooks leather saddles on the three bikes I ride most--two B-17s and a Pro. My mountain bike has an old Wilderness SST that's pretty comfortable. I HATED (so much that I gave it away) the Specialized Body Geometry that I tried, but a lot of people seem to like it.
San Marco Concordzrider
Feb 14, 2002 8:37 AM
The original ones felt right when I first tried them and nothing else has felt as good.

Brooks B-17. After a few months it felt like a harder Concor and weighed even more.

The Concor Light hurt and caused holes in my shorts, but my son loves it.

A Terry Ti Fly is o.k. but the hole makes hot spots around its perimeter on longer rides.

You, however, ain't me, and will have to figure this one out for yourself.
re: What saddle are you using?KEN2
Feb 14, 2002 9:21 AM
Commuter: Body Geometry Comp
Road: Max Flite Trans Am
Mtn: Ladies Max Flite Trans Am

Like 'em all--how's that for eclectic? BTW I weigh 190, have fairly wide sit bones, definitely like cutout saddles and don't like narrow ones.
re: What saddle are you using?jschrotz
Feb 14, 2002 9:42 AM
Selle Italia TurboMatic 2 Ti. It's about 6 years old, and the only saddle that's come close to replacing it is the Avocet 02 Air 40R, but then it got stolen. I've tried a couple of the anatomic saddles, but never found them as comfortable as my old standby.
Any of the FlitesColnagoFE
Feb 14, 2002 9:36 AM
The SI Flites work well for me and have just recent;y been using a SLR. I like a narrow saddle. Padding doesn't seem to make a diff. The cutout saddles I've tried are not good for me. The rub where they shoulnd't
Ditto FlitesDaveL
Feb 14, 2002 2:52 PM
SLR and Flite - even flite gel works ok for me.
Ditto Flites, make that 3kgardnez
Feb 18, 2002 7:31 PM
You can't beat them. Though I have yet to try the boner boy saddles from Specialized.
re: What saddle are you using?tcr01
Feb 14, 2002 10:48 AM
After 10 years of using a flite(non gel), which treated me well, I bought a Flite Gel to replace the trashed Flite and it was awful. The gel caused a lot of pressure in the wrong places and hurt after about 20 miles.

I've since been using a San Marco Concor Light and find it pretty comfy. It feels good and I don't have to think about it on long rides.
right now.. selle italia turbocolker
Feb 14, 2002 2:09 PM
it's not light. it's old fashioned and it's large in the middle portion. i don't like the flite on the road bike but use it on the mtb. i have the trans am and don't like the cut out. it gives more pain than gain.
i want to try the san marco rolls.wide, very wide.
re: What saddle are you using?weiwentg
Feb 14, 2002 8:57 PM
Selle Italia SLR. at this point, I'm still not sure if it works or is a painful mistake.
re: What saddle are you using?Cauthorn
Feb 14, 2002 9:45 PM
Terry Fly -- most comfortable light saddle I've ever ridden.
why? you got my butt?!nm
Feb 15, 2002 9:25 AM
why? you got my butt?!Helduser
Feb 18, 2002 11:07 AM
What a useless post.

BTW, I've used the terry fly on my old bike and I had become pretty accustomed to it. Liked it alot. I recently purchase a new trek 5200 and got it with the Selle Italia SLR. The thing seems to dig into me on the sides but I'm not sure if I should be blaming the saddle yet. Since it's been cold I've haven't been riding that much to truly break it in. Definitely looks cooler then the fly. But who cares about looks if your ass is hurting.
Terry Ti-Race LiberatorPebbles
Feb 26, 2002 4:47 PM
It's got a hole cut-out for your private parts. I'm a girl, but I use this men's saddle, which feels great! It's got titanium rails.