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No Need for a Headset??(7 posts)

No Need for a Headset??swinman
Feb 13, 2002 9:23 PM
I'm a new rider looking for the right bike. I'm considering a new Cannondale Caad 5 bike. However, I am wondering about the durability of the integrated headset.

Any ideas?
re: No Need for a Headset??grzy
Feb 14, 2002 12:47 PM
Personally I'd stick with a nromal headset design which gives you more options. CAAD4 framesets can be had for a song. Who knows, in the future you may actaully have more options, but for now the Campy unit made for C'dale is pretty much it on the CAAD5. Not that headsets really wear out all that fast as long as you keep them clean, lubed and well adjusted. If everything else about the CAAD5 is right (i.e. fit and price) then you should just go for it.
CAAD 5 and integrated headsets........CAAD5 Kid
Feb 15, 2002 2:34 PM
I got a CAAD 5 frame (R700 SI) with an intergrated headset and work in a shop where we are one of the bigger Cdale dealers in New England....i've never once seen a problem with an intergrated headset on a cdale. The Campagnolo one which comes stock is amazing..light and durable.
Intergrated headsets are catching on with most mfgrs, even Chris King is making one now with their the near future...we may see more mfgrs....go the perdido standard which Chris King invented....least thats the way we're kinda hearing the gossips say....anyhoo..CAAD5 frame is amazing and the headset won't give you any probs....
CAAD 5 and integrated headsets........grzy
Feb 15, 2002 3:22 PM
And the length of time that the CAAD5 Integrated headset has been out is?

My point is you really don't know where things are going to be in 5 years. The C'dale inteegrated desing could become an industry standard (of sorts) OR it may be an abandoned red-headed stepchild left to wither on the vine.

Chris King makes great stuff, but fast in development they aren't. They've been saying RSN (real soon now) on their MTB disc hubs for a while. And they're almost ready for some ISIS BBs - even though they were in on the ground level. No doubt their stuff will be among the best, if noit the best, but it's going to cost you some time and money and this is OK if you have it.

So what's the point of replacing the OEM headset with some gucci after market unit. Seems like the same thing that we have now, except fewer choices and more $$$.

Ask yourself what problem the integrated HS solves and which does it create?
CAAD 5 and integrated headsets........CAAD5 Kid
Feb 15, 2002 3:54 PM
Very true...about the industry standard which is why i's probably gonna change and it's probably gonna change to the chris king perdido standard. As far as replacements...i wouldn't be too worried..Campagnolo is behind their "hidden sets"....and plus..if the standard does change and you can't get a replacement headset...lifetime warranty of cdale frame...looks like you'd just have to warranty it and get whatever is out and about at that time....things change over time..and i like easily servicable, off the shelf parts.....and i don't worry about the availability of replacement for my headset...
integrated headsets........jp2
Feb 18, 2002 6:29 AM
problems need for special tools/lbs to install, gotta like that one.(this is because we have been having problems with some of the lbs' out here, like cutting carbon steerers too short and then refusing to remedy the problem.) so now we can officially do without the lbs on our road bikes at home.

problems created.....i am working on my own stuff with no one else to blame for errors. not that the above cited lbs would accept blame for anything it did anyway.
integrated headsets........JAJA
Feb 18, 2002 6:50 PM
Why all the fuss about integrated headsets? They have been around for a while in the C'dales and Kleins with no real problems and the fact that the technology is used on mountain bikes says a lot. With the abuse that it takes on one race off road is a lifetime for most road bikes and they hold up well.
I think the concern over availability is the main issue for most people. If it all becomes standardized, then replacing parts will be easy and durability less of a concern. Go with the campy hiddenset and you will be fine. If you see that the industry will be moving towards other technology in the next couple of years, buy 3 or 4 extra headsets for your bike as stock and that will last longer than what your desire to keep the bike will be anyway.