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Rims and aerowheels(4 posts)

Rims and aerowheelsThe Conductor
Feb 13, 2002 12:54 AM
The best(and resonably light for a 145lb-rider)lowprofile RR-rims - both clincher an tubular?
I want to by a couple of aerowheels too for my TT-bike. Been looking at Zipp, HED, Spinergy, Mavic and Gipiemme.
Greatful for suggestions!

re: Rims and aerowheelsstr8dum1
Feb 13, 2002 5:49 AM
TT bike no other option- HEd 3 on the front Disc on the rear.

the best RR wheel is the most expensive lightest one you can afford. Amer. Classic has their 350g clincher. should be thelightest clincher rim. Buy those. like everyone says about their Ksyeriums, you'll got at least 2 mph faster!!
re: Rims and aerowheelsCARBON110
Feb 13, 2002 1:42 PM
No way! Zipp 303s are the best clincher aero wheels around. Best since you can use a 60mm valve (which is common and not pricey ) instead of a pain in the ass valve extender on anything ovevr 44 mm deep. Head wheels are fussy. Nimble Crosswinds are WAY better than head 3 spoke.More light and more aero. Zipp 440 are very nice too. All these wheels come in clincher and tubular. I know people who race Tri. with Nimble spider wheels too. Best buy for the money: Zipp or Nimble. Head are known for ficalness. Good luck!O by the way, has zipp 303 $900
re: Rims and aerowheelsJimP
Feb 13, 2002 4:54 PM
I have been riding Nimble Crosswinds for 3 years without a problem. They are very light, fast, and less effected by crosswinds than the Hed 3.