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Cane Creek Aerohead Road Wheels?(5 posts)

Cane Creek Aerohead Road Wheels?mikebikr
Feb 12, 2002 6:01 AM
Any experience with these wheels? Impresions? Comments? Recomendations?


build your ownstr8dum1
Feb 12, 2002 6:09 AM
Unless they are under $300 build your own.
re: Cane Creek Aerohead Road Wheels?CARBON110
Feb 12, 2002 7:24 AM
Yeah, try a pair of Nimble spiders. Much lighter and have 1 year warr. Hidden nipples and 1350grams! Thats 2/3 lb more light. Let me know if you want some, I know where you can geta pair cheap.My coach coach rides the aero head, with Ti spokes. He and some others have experienced issues. But over all good wheels.
re: Cane Creek Aerohead Road Wheels?weiwentg
Feb 12, 2002 9:45 PM
soon, I will have experience with them. I'll let you know.
my mountain bike friend has the WAMs. he loves everything about them except the lack of disc brake compatibility. he says he hasn't had to service the hub in 3-4 years.
I once contacted Mike Garcia, the guy in charge of he seems like a good guy to do business with ... anyway, I had to tell him that I had got a deal on the aeroheads, and he said "The Cane Creek wheels are one of the few factory wheelsets I consistently hear good things about, everyone seems to like them a lot."
so ... you should be OK, I think.
I'm HEAVY, BUT still?????James
Feb 13, 2002 1:08 AM
I should get them in the mail tomorrow all fixed up. I send them back to get retensioned and ended up finding out that both rims had flat spots on them. The spokes are wheelsmith and they hold up to my 220lb, But the rims were too soft to take it. Cane Creek has wonderful service, But if your heavy, you might want to double think.
By the way, My neighbor has the same wheels/ weight and he is going to use my box to ship his wheels back. Again the same problem. I have heard alot of bad stuff about those rims. Thank thy LORD/MAVIC for the K's!