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Upgrading from 7 sp triple to 9 sp double(7 posts)

Upgrading from 7 sp triple to 9 sp doubleVK
Feb 11, 2002 1:31 PM
Can anybody help me with upgrading from 7 speed triple to a 9 speed double?
I think I need to replace the following. Please let me know if I left something out. Thanks

double crank, 9 speed shifter (bar end or sti), 9 sp rear derailer.

also, how can i tell if frame on my road bike is aluminum or steel. it's a Diamondback Interval (it maybe several years old - bought it used) and it seems pretty heavy. it's got shimano rsx stuff on it. thanks
What are you trying to accomplish?Spoke Wrench
Feb 11, 2002 1:46 PM
Last question first. If the welds look about as wide as clothesline, the frame is aluminum. If the welds look like venetian blind cord, the bike is steel. Or, you can test it with a refrigerator magnet.

First question. This looks to me like you are setting yourself up to spend a whole lot of money and still have an old bike that doesn't ride all that well. I think you'd be better off selling your 7-speed triple and buying a different bike.
What are you trying to accomplish?rfsurfer
Feb 11, 2002 8:16 PM
because, after all, you would have to replace the following

Cassette (to work with narrower 9spd chain)
STI Levers
Usually FDerr (since 7spd is very wide and doesnt shift the 9spd chain all that well)
Possibly R.Derr

At the bare minimum your looking at $300 w.o labor and you could inevitably invest that into a 600-1000 road bike and have NEW EVERYTHING. Secondly, your rear wheel spacing would be off as well. The only real reason to upgrade from 7spd to 9 is if you have a classic frame that you cant part with.
What are you trying to accomplish?ngl
Feb 12, 2002 4:41 AM
I agree with the earlier posts. I had the same dilema a few years back. Sell your bike and by another bike (new or used). You can find some good deals if you look around. If you are still not convinced, test ride a freinds bike, or, one at your LBS. Hopefully you will see a world of difference (lightness, ride, frame geometry, wheels, etc.).
Good luck,
One more vote for a new bikedzrider
Feb 12, 2002 7:38 AM
We are upgrading my wife's Pinarello from dbl to tpl up front, from 6 to 9 out back and a new paint job. I pointed out that we could get a similar quality bike for little more money. She reminded me that it would not be her Pinarello. Unless you feel very strongly about your DB or have a source for old parts, get a new bike
Your DB is steeljtolleson
Feb 12, 2002 10:52 AM
and I'd guess from early 90s. The RSX 7spd triple is a total workhorse that will last you a long time, especially on a back up/beater/commuter/rain bike. I'd leave it alone.

IMO, RSX was better than Sora (Definitely) and maybe even superior to Tiagra. Going to a 9 spd. double wouldn't be an "upgrade" unless you bought at least 105-level components which is completely not worth it.
six of one/ half a dozen of the otherspdplayr
Feb 14, 2002 12:22 PM
I recently stripped and painted a 95 fuji roubaix. when i went to put it back together, i remembered how much i hated downtube shifting and how much it sucked having to always buy old "new" parts to replace broken stuff. I decided to swap it all out and put on new ultegra stuff--all over except for my headset and calipers b/c they were old 105.
All said and done, i spent about 500 on parts and wheels plus some for tires and small time bits and pieces like lubes and stuff. i didn't really love it to death [the bike] but it was one i already owned. it's steel and i liked the way it rode. i painted it for about 50 bucks myself and even made up decals for it.
I spent exactly what i wanted (not "a little more"--maybe 2-400 more)and have a bike with brand new components and new paint=a new bike. For commuting purposes, this bike should last me quite a while and I am happy i did it. now if a part breaks i don't have to hunt down old "new" ones, i can shop anywhere for them. it was the right decision for me. it's really a tough call. damn i babble!