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Speedplay Pedals(15 posts)

Speedplay PedalsDY
Feb 10, 2002 1:15 PM
Can someone with experience with these pedals tell me how they like them. I've read some reviews and they seem to be positive, all mentioning how they help knee problems because of their large amount of float. What I don't understand is:

How much float do they have. My Look 357's have a lot of float. I could hit the chain stay if I wanted to and I do sometimes rub the crank arm with the inside of my heel. I can't see how any more float that this would be useable or better. Is there anything else that these pedals do that could help knees, like can they be canted? I do have some knee problems once in a while so I'm am interested if these are better in this regard.

Also I notice that they have a pretty light weight, but the cleat looks huge, so is overall weight (pedal and cleat) about the same as average pedals?

re: Speedplay Pedalsweiwentg
Feb 10, 2002 2:17 PM
cleat + pedals is still less than average. and there's nearly 30 degrees of free float, most of it outward, and not everyone can get used to it. some people say they feel unstable when hammering out of the saddle. in my case, I don't, and I'm totally used to the float.
re: Speedplay Pedalsrfsurfer
Feb 10, 2002 2:21 PM
For many people ive sold them to, including myself, i hated them for the first couple of rides because of all of the float....after that first week though, i stopped wobbling around and i wont consider any other pedal...superlight, easy in/out, and a LARGE platform.
re: Speedplay Pedalsweiwentg
Feb 10, 2002 3:57 PM
I've heard some people say the platform is small ... I dunno. the pedal itself is small, but the cleat is pretty big. In my case, a moot point. my shoes are size 42.
re: Speedplay PedalsG pirate
Feb 10, 2002 4:24 PM
I have my x/2 and I love them. They were a bitch to get used
to but once you get used to them they are perfect. I did not get them because I have knee problems, as a matter of fact I don't have any knee problems. Everyone in the shop I work at own them and we all love them for one main reason, lightweight. The first time you ride on them you are going to think there's something wrong because you are so loose, for the first couple of climbs you are going to be scared to stand up in fear of clipping out and falling off. But the second that you get comfortable with them you are going to stand up and attack like nothing else, at least from my own experience. The SpeedPlay x series would be a good decision, I reccomend them highly. Good Luck!
re: Speedplay Pedalsweiwentg
Feb 10, 2002 7:07 PM
caveat: if there's any way you can try them on, do so. best to be safe. I took the plunge (got a good deal on the Marketplace from Michael Jennings - very good guy to deal with) and ended up very very happy, but you might want to be safe.
Feb 10, 2002 7:40 PM
Although I have no experience yet with the X2's (bike is still waiting on parts, and no shoes yet). I have ridden the frogs and wouldn't give them up for anything on the mountain. Before with my Shimano SPD 747's I was able to ride about an hour before my knee would swell, stiffen, hurt. With the frogs my knee can outlast the rest of me. I am hopeing for the same with my X2's, and the poeple I have talked to have said I wont be dissapointed.

Anyways, onto the weights. These weights are all for the pair, divide in half for the individual.
My X2 pedals weigh in at 194grams
Cleats are 54grams
Snapshim Adapters are 35grams.

So most shoes are going to have 89grams added to them (44grams each shoe).

I dont know in comparison how that is to the other cleats/pedals out there, but sure doesnt seem like much. But @~283 grams total, very few pedals alone are lighter then that according to my CBO catalog.

Float is as follows (from speedplay catalog)
X1 and X2 = Unrestricted free; 28 degree release angle
X3 = Unrestricted free; 25 degree release angle
Zero = 0-15 degrees microadjustable; Adjustable release angle
Frogs = Unrestricted free; 20 degree release angle

Goodluck with them if you choose them. And get X2's or X1's. The X3's arent for heavy road use according to the Speedplay tech I talked too, more for comuting, etc, due to a bushing instead of bearing.
Feb 10, 2002 7:49 PM
The X series pedals float all the way out to the release point. There's no stops at which the cleat 'snaps' out of the pedal; your cleat just keeps rotating out until it's no longer latched. 'Walking on mud' is the metaphor that many use to describe the float....

The Zero pedals have adjustable release points (inward and outward release points are independently adjustable) with a stop at the release point beyond which the cleat snaps out (more like the Looks). Neither pedal have any sort of centering detent that brings a cleat back to the center. The pedals and cleats of the two models are not interchangeable.

I picked up a set of Lollipops back when the only model available had the CrMo spindles. They took more than a couple miles to get used to, and now I have X/1's on all three road rides.
re: Speedplay Pedalsnetso
Feb 11, 2002 4:37 AM
I have had the Speedplay pedals almost 2 years, I love them.
The float was different at first, once I got used to it they were great. No other pedal for me. They are also light and have a large platform.
re: Speedplay PedalsChen2
Feb 11, 2002 6:54 AM
Before I bought my X-1's I was concerned that I would have to rotate my ankle way out to get them to release, but it ain't that way. All it takes is a quick little roll to the side, a very natural feeling, to release. And engagement is a snap, don't even need to look at the pedal, just stomp and go. I feel safer on Speedplay when starting at a busy intersection. BTW X-1's have a shorter spindle than X-2's. I see no need for the adjustable float Zero's. And the X-3's don't seem to hold up as well in the long run. Go X-1 or X-2 on road bikes.
re: Speedplay Pedalsweiwentg
Feb 11, 2002 7:18 AM
the X1s have a shorter spindle, but you can move the cleats outwards slightly to compensate. they mount - on most shoes - to an adapter, and you can move them laterally along the adapter.
re: Speedplay Pedals853
Feb 11, 2002 8:55 AM
Heres the deal, when you get them you'll hate them and wonder why you spent $150.00 dollars on crap!! It feels like your on two blocks of ice, two bars of wet slippery soap!! Then like any other pedal w/ float you're feet will find there place. Meaning that you will never use the full float but your feet will find it's natural placement without fidiling w/ cleats, and that's what saves your knees
the ability of your foot to find a natural position and not a forced position. Now I have these on both my road bikes and love the fact that I can clip into them without looking, make my bike lighter, and I don't have anymore knee pain. Just remember that they will take a while to get use to.
re: Speedplay PedalsSchills
Feb 11, 2002 11:18 AM
I'm 180 pounds, working my way down to 175. Am I too heavy for the X1s at my present weight?


re: Speedplay Pedalsweiwentg
Feb 11, 2002 11:38 AM
they might be - you're at the edge of Speedplay's weight limit. At your weight (and, I assume, strength), I would go for the extra strength of the steel spindle. cheaper also.
re: Speedplay Pedalswellfish
Feb 26, 2002 9:43 AM
I've had X-2's for 2 years, and I have learned to love them. I rode fixed cleats last night for the first time on the road in 2 years, and don't miss them. However the Speedplays took me quite a while to get used to. And I also believe fixed cleats do prohibit some energy loss from rotational movement...if the knees don't mind it, you might be better off in high-intensity events (maybe why track sprinters still use them). I personally know Marty Nothstein, who uses Zero's for sprinting now, although I jhaven't heard from him whether it is because he likes them more, or uses them because Speedplay sponsors his team.

What I want to know is what the release tension is like on Zero's. In other words...can you tell when you are starting to disengage like you can tell with LOOKs (can you feel the spring tension)? Anyone here know???? I have a horrible tendency to rotate my heel inward in turns, which Speedplay has helped me with by preventing inward release. If the tension with Zero's is not noticeable, I might fall back into the same accidental release problems that made me leave LOOK (not their fault...I subconciously rotate my feet).