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Who Has Used Fenders on Road Bike...(6 posts)

Who Has Used Fenders on Road Bike...Voelkel
Feb 10, 2002 9:05 AM
Spring is approaching so I am looking for some fenders to fit my Lemond Zurich. Last year I searched and could not find any and even posted on this board trying to find some input. Now I have found these from
SKS(Formerly ESGE)Chromoplastic Fender Set
Aluminum and copper reinforced plastic fender. Includes stainless stays and mounting hardware. Bolt to unicrown fork, not for use on suspension forks. Black or Silver. 4 Model/Sizes: P65 Mtn 26 x 1.75-2.25" 678g: P50 26"/700c x 1.95" 625g; P35 Road 700c x 18-25mm 504g; P45 Road 700c 26-35mm 532g.

Who has used these or know of other full fenders that will fit a road bike frame?
re: Who Has Used Fenders on Road Bike...LC
Feb 10, 2002 9:19 AM
Zefal makes road fenders that alot of people use on various road bikes.
simply the bestBFD
Feb 10, 2002 10:21 AM
No - got mine new. nm :-)Dan E
Feb 11, 2002 1:22 AM
Used SKS and Zefals, both work fineRetro
Feb 11, 2002 8:20 AM
I've used big black plastic Zefals on my commuter for two or three years--they were cheap ($19??) from Nashbar, go on easy, work fine. Once you get them adjusted, you can whip them on and off in a few minutes.
Just got some SKS fenders for my Atlantis, mainly because they look so cool and I like the bike so much I hate for it to get muddy even though that's what I bought it for. Lots of monkey motion and way too much hardware involved compared to the Zefals, but they sure are well made. Found them online for $25 from...something like Ultimate Cycling Products, I think. That was $10-$15 cheaper than anywhere else.
I'm not sure about the clearances on a Zurich, though--are you sure you have room for fenders?
re: Who Has Used Fenders on Road Bike...Ray
Feb 12, 2002 7:53 AM
I use SKS and they are really fine fenders. But I'd be VERY surprised if you have adequate clearance for them on your Lemond. You MIGHT be able to get away with it if you get super narrow tires (maybe 18-20 mm) but I wouldn't even count on that. There just isn't much room between those forks/brakes/tires on most modern road bikes. A touring bike, cyclocross bike, or some of the few road bikes that are being built around standard reach brakes work great with fenders, but not most of the pseudo racing bikes around today.

You'll probably have to settle for a set of those half-fender splash guard things that do less than half the job, but are slightly better than nothing.