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1inch and 1 1/8 headsets(7 posts)

1inch and 1 1/8 headsetsbumble
Feb 10, 2002 2:32 AM
I am buying a new frame and want something that lasts. The question is to go for a bike with a 1 inch headset or 1 1/8th. I brought a mountain bike a while ago and I was worried that it was one of the few remaining mountain bikes to have a 1 inch headset. I was told then that they were coming back in to popularity due to performance benifits and that I would not have a problem getting parts in the future. A year down the line the manufacturer of this bike had switched to 1 1/8 and getting top quality forks, stems and heatsets to fit is very difficult even thought the frame is up there in terms of performance with the latest bikes.
I do not want the same thing to happen with my road bike.
you have answered your own question...n.m.koala
Feb 10, 2002 4:53 AM
So the end of the 1 inch road heatset is near?Bubble
Feb 10, 2002 6:20 AM
other considerations....C-40
Feb 10, 2002 6:52 AM
Obviously, the 1-1/8" steering tube is being used by more builders each year. Others, like Colnago have not embraced the 1-1/8" size yet, but it's only a matter of time. I would expect them to join the crowd within a year or two.

The 1" headset and forks will continue to be made for a long time. There are too many already out there to stop making them anytime soon. A lot lot of lugged steel frames are still being made, all with 1" conventional headsets.

One thing to perhaps avoid is the integrated headset. There are no standards and no guarantee that a few years down the road, a particular design will still be manufactured. The one exception might be the Campy integrated headset. Once it's in production, the design is unlikely to change. I'd be more confident of future availability with Campy.
You gotta be kidding, right?cyclequip
Feb 11, 2002 6:25 AM
Campy and continuity? Kinda like military and intelligence isn't it?
Both sizes are fine...Barnyard
Feb 10, 2002 4:02 PM
It's just where the industry is heading. This does not mean one is better than the other. It's more of a marketing thing.
Both sizes are fine...Doa Ace
Feb 15, 2002 4:19 AM
If you have any plans at al in running a carbon fork with carbon steering tube, get the 1 1/8th size headtube frme. The 1 1/8th provides far greater ridgidity and safety versus its smaller 1 inch brother. Lots of guys running all carbon forks in the 1 inch diameter have complained of too much flex in their forks. I guy near me who actually sells Pinarellos sugggests not buying the Opera for this very reason, it runs a 1 inch all carbon fork and he says it flexes far too much, especially when out of the saddle climbing and this guy is selling the product so he's probably giving you a reliable opinion if he's actually against it.