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build a bike q's(3 posts)

build a bike q's_Marty_
Feb 9, 2002 5:02 PM
just did some quick math... by using a 105 groupo with an ultegra cassete.. the build of the bike would only be1/4 pound heavier then a full ultegra.. any reason not to buiild it up this way? i mean.. 1/4 pound more weight.. but a few hundred bucks more in my wallet too.. raceable? durable? honestly guys.. lemme know.. :) thanks
re: build a bike q'srfsurfer
Feb 9, 2002 6:57 PM
Hundreds of customers have come to me with this exact question and every time i tell them the same thing. You wont notice a diffrence besides the shifters and possibly the brakes. If i were on a budget, i would buy a full 105 kit but get Ultegra STI levers and possibly brakes. For that matter, the D/A shifters arent much more than Ultegra, but its up to your budget. The shifting will be much more precise, and will stay that way without developing large amounts of play like the 105 STI levers do.
105 is fineMcAndrus
Feb 10, 2002 5:33 AM
I know a Cat 2 racer who uses a 105 group. Of course, he's a starving cyclist on a budget but he rides like a rocket.

Lance said, "It's not about the bike." I don't fully agree with that. I'll race you any day if you line up next to me on a Schwinn Varsity. However, I think groups are important but they are less important than other factors, like the quality of the frame.