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Fork Rake Revisited(2 posts)

Fork Rake RevisitedChen2
Feb 9, 2002 3:35 PM
I just picked up my bike from the LBS with a newly installed Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork. The bike is a '98 Trek 5500, size 56cm. The original fork was a Trek Ikon threaded "carbon fiber". The new for is a 43mm rake, the mechanic said it would "be the same" as the old fork. I guess he was right, the wheelbase stayed exactly 99cm. My friend's 56cm C-40 has a 98cm wheelbase. Now I'm curious about the wheelbase on similar bikes, comments anyone? On another note I've got 3 1/2cm of Reynolds carbon spacers on the 1"steer tube. I know that's a lot and I may take one off but the bars feel stiff enough for the short time I've ridden it (10 miles). I weigh 165 and I do come off of the saddle but don't put a lot of stress on the bike. Today's ride was long enough to appreciate the ride and handling of the Ouzo Pro, but the wind was gusting 20-35 mph on my 57mm aero rims which kept me too busy to get a good evaluation.
wheelbase isn't as relevant as trail..C-40
Feb 10, 2002 1:22 PM
The rake on the Trek fork is 41mm. I would have chosen a 40mm rake (or less) for a new fork. The Trek has a steep 73.8 degree head tube angle, which results in only 55mm of trail and pretty quick steering.

Increasing the rake to 43mm further reduces the trail to 53mm, which will result in a little quicker steering.

Less rake would increase the trail and slow the steering a bit.