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Installing a new tire on HED aero wheels(3 posts)

Installing a new tire on HED aero wheelsJoel_T
Feb 8, 2002 2:30 PM
Hi there,
I'm having a hard time installing brand new Continental tires on my HED Deep & Jet 2000 wheels. The tires are very stiff & while muscleing them in, I punctured the tube.

Does anyone have some tips & tricks for easier installtion? is the tire too stiff? will chanign to a non-folding tire help?

re: Installing a new tire on HED aero wheelsAkirasho
Feb 9, 2002 7:13 AM
Assuming we're talking clinchers... just make sure that you engage only one side of the tire bead at a time... and partially inflate the tube (just a bit) to help hold the shape of the tire casing... if necessary, once the installation has begun, you might need to deflate the tube a bit... This seems to be a characteristic of Conti folding tires... once they've been mounted and aired up, they become a bit easier to reinstall the next time...

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crank bros tyre levers or new tyres (nm)str8dum1
Feb 11, 2002 9:39 AM