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Campy Hyperon v's Zip 303 tub's(5 posts)

Campy Hyperon v's Zip 303 tub'shickup
Feb 8, 2002 2:08 PM
Acording to company given wieghts the Zips come out as being lighter (the Zip 303 Z3's are even lighter) and they also cost a lot less. I Know the Hyperon's are fairly new but has anyone rided any and do they think there would be any performance benifit over the 303's. I expect they are probably better in cross winds as they are less aero. how acurate are the company wieghts?
re: Campy Hyperon v's Zip 303 tub'sKurt VF
Feb 9, 2002 1:08 AM
I don't know how accurate the weights are but I noticed campy usually lists weights WITH skewers, Zipp likes to list weights without them.
re: Campy Hyperon v's Zip 303 tub'sJohnIV
Feb 9, 2002 6:13 AM
I don't know about Campy wheels, but I am positive that Zipp wheels are accurate within 4%. I have to say that you would be very happy with Zipp 303's. As for the Z3's, you'd be lucky to get your hands on a pair. Even at 3,000 a pair. The 303's are an amazing ride, and an amazing wheel. The company is excellent to deal with, and really stand behind their product. Plus, you'll love the carbon ride that the 303's deliver. Hope this helps
of interest but unsubstantiated...johan burnt eels
Feb 9, 2002 9:05 AM
i heard from a bike store owner who sells the zipps and a lot of campy products that the zipp hubs were of not the best build quality with regard to their lengevity and strength. and he repeated longevity. he felt the campy's were good but not ultimate in price for weight and strength ratio. as is he felt there were ways to a better wheel - heavier but a good long term solution.

i contributed a question on a thread on the topic of zipps on another site. unlike here each poster's email address is mandatory and included in the header and this is how he was able to conact me. his comment was short but direct and he wasn't soliciting business but felt there was something i should be made aware of. he was being frank and genuine. he comments on the site often and yes everyone can see that he is from the industry.

although he did not say it i felt he emailed me rather than posting this view as this was more integrous of him as he sells the zipp finished products as its what people want. i am sure he was not wanting to start a flame for passing on his personal and professional experience. my opinion!!!

i have no connection with him and will likely never be a customer (because of geography) and he knows this. i did sit up and take notice. they have custom built and sold a lot of factory wheels and do warranty repairs and rebuilds. a lot of their business and reputation is wheels.

his solution was ectually neither zipp nor campy but rather zipp rims, a custom build and quality hubs depending on your bike set-up. the solution will likely be heavier but probably better for milage and logevity. and yes if you have campy then most probably it means using their record hubs but not exclusively as there are other good and lighter alternatives. it just depends on who you trust and have faith in.

yes i have owned zipp wheels but not their current ones and i can vouch for their excellent customer service and dealings with warranty issues. BUT i had warranty issues.

of course this is one view but it is of interesting note and i am passing it on and personally cannot make comment or validify the claims. as what you are looking into is pricey i hope you appreciate more and varied views before choosing one over another and making a decision on what is best for you.

keep asking is my motto. your decision is final.

if of any interest and after a lot of different variations i ride a rolf pro front and a shamal rear. even i am surprised but for me it works best for handling and strength and what my stopwatch tells me. yes i would like to go lighter but i still am not sure which way to acheive a balance. im sure there are a lot would not agree with my choice given my budget but there is no one choice being my point.

although not current on the wheels you are interested in
the link is a good general point for reference for bike tech and aero data and stuff.
of interest but unsubstantiated...R-I-D-E
Feb 9, 2002 11:19 PM
From what I understood, Zipp did not make it's own hubs until this year. That being said, I have also heard from some industry folks, that the new hub is amazing. As for it's longevity....time will tell.