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Problems with DA Front Derailleur(4 posts)

Problems with DA Front DerailleurJ_Bravo
Feb 8, 2002 6:44 AM
I am having trouble with my front derailleur. When I try to shift into the larger ring, the hanger will only move about half the distance it needs to. I don't think that it is the derailleur because if I pull it with my hands it has all of the travel it would need. I am new to STI shifters and am not too sure how to go about looking for the problem. Thanks for any help.

Front Derailleur IndexingCalvin Jones-Park Tool
Feb 8, 2002 6:49 AM
It is always good to check all adjustments, but it does sound like your issue is with cable tension. See for derailleur adjustments.

There is also the possibility the front shifter pod has a problem, and need replacing.
re: Problems with DA Front DerailleurChen2
Feb 8, 2002 11:14 AM
It's probably just a tension adjustment but something else to check is the cable routing, especially where it crosses under the bottom bracket. There is probably a guide of some sort for the cable. If the cable is not positioned right it could be binding.
Is this due to an adjustment, or did it just happen?Paul
Feb 11, 2002 4:15 AM
How did the problem arise?New bike? Does the shifter feel loose? The best advise is going to the park tool site. But check under the BB. One time I had a similar problem, and there was gunk (looked like road tar), that was binding the cable in the guide. If you made a stop adjustment for the large chainring, then back off counter-clockwise to give more throw. Put the stop screw back to where it was if this doesn't help (it's the outside screw).

It does sound like the cable (or maybe the barrel adjust), but if it was working, and it just happen, then it's binding somewhere. If you have too much slack in the cable, this will happen.