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Ultegra BB Qs- width, etc?(2 posts)

Ultegra BB Qs- width, etc?CKS
Feb 8, 2002 12:29 AM
I have an Ultegra group that's about 3 years old on my purple and yellow LeMond Maillot Jaune (OCLV Frame). I just got a free ISIS crankset, and have 2 Qs:
1) I assume that my current BB is square (I'm travelling and can't pull it apart)- does anyone know when Shimano started using the spline system? I'm thinking this might be an easy way to find out...
2) If I need a new BB (and I assume I do) what width should I get- what is standard, etc?

re: Ultegra BB Qs- width, etc?str8dum1
Feb 8, 2002 6:46 AM
1. DA had it at the end of 97. Ult was in 98. If you had 8 speed on your bike then the crank is square (most likely)
2. if they are ISIS cranks than you cannot use a shimano BB. Isis has 10 splines. Shimano has 8. if it is shimano, then you can only use the 109.5. BB width is crank dependent not bike.

if it is an isis crank (ie not shimano) then you'll have to go with FSA, race face etc in the 108 size