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Sestriere vs Race X-Lite(3 posts)

Sestriere vs Race X-Literfsurfer
Feb 7, 2002 8:24 PM
Im debating about what wheels to get for racing.
They're going on my 5500 w/ D/A. I'll be doing
about 40 races this spring/summer, both road and
crits, and i weigh about 155. I can get good deals
on both of these wheels so if anyones got a preference
to one or the other, id really appreciate any input and
why your preference. Thanks.....
yeah ...AllUpHill
Feb 7, 2002 11:25 PM
I have the RaceXLite only, but since few people have them yet, I'll speak up and let you know they're quite a pleasure and have caused me no trouble.

I'm 137 lb, so I don't exactly hammer them, but they seem exceedingly sturdy. They make my other wheels feel soft and mushy (not to mention heavy and slow) by comparison. Still haven't had to true them. I put a review in the "Reviews" on this site; nothing's changed since then.
yeah ...ngl
Feb 8, 2002 9:37 AM
I upgraded to sestrieres when I purchased my 2001 5200. I broke a spoke on the rear ( too tight?)and my LBS gave me a set of pros while mine wheel was being repaired. I personally could not notice a difference on the flats gaugeing by my time trial route (although the pros are suppost to be faster), but, I found the sestrieres seemed to climb a lot better. I also must say that my LBS freind also hammers his 5200 with sestrieres without even trueing them. With that said, I thing either set would be a good choice ( IMHO the sestrieres look better but the X-lites may have a better resale since they are 2002's if that matters).