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solutions sought for modifying campy pista hubs for road(2 posts)

solutions sought for modifying campy pista hubs for roadjohan burnt eels
Feb 7, 2002 8:59 AM
before we get too far - i do not care for warranty and such. i am confident in the strength and reliability of the current pista high flanges.

i lust for them pista hubs.

looking for source for changing the axles for road use (with quick release skewers). either 126mm or 130mm.

but the hard part is whether there is enough thread for fitting a 6 or 7 speed freewheel. crazy but determined.
i read a post of someone maching down the lockring so they could use a bmx type single freewheel on a pista hub. got me thinking.....

will be prepared to sacrifice a lockring by getting a machinist to gring down and thread in the same direction so that if the lockring is next to the existing thread it can effectively lengthen the thread width for road (5,6,7 cog) freewheel use. will i have trouble fitting and taking the lockring off if i do this.

i plan to use the wheel for fixed use as well. hopfully i will have enough $$'s left over for a phil wood bb and maybe a little adjustment of chainline and chainring bolt spacers.

if i can get all this then i am flogging both my road and fixed bike and hopefully build one bike and two wheels for multi purposes and seasons.

sounds crazy but c-record highflange road hubs used (if you can find them) cost about the same as what this should cost. id rather new with a little creative building.

i normally ride 32 hole road hubs - should i go consider more spokes for the rear as i will have dish and high flanges (thus allowing a little less spoke tension) or is this overkill?

i could easily live with between 1 to 12 or 14 speeds.

in advance i apoligise for my crazy ideas but after building and riding my fixed/free bike i realised that my modern bike really was more than i needed and i much preferred the aesthetics of and older era/style. yes im becomming a retro-grouch.

i no longer race or desire to do so. id just rather build a modernish italian bike from new. current seat, post, bar, stem, calipers, derailleurs, rims and tires will fill the rest. downtube friction shifters will be welcomely revisisted.

i will be doing all my own mechanical upkeep and everything should be easy to adjust and maintain.frame is still undecided as there are still lots fo choices for new steel - gios, cinelli, casati, tommasini et al. maybe ill stop upgrading every two years like i am doing now and spend some $$$'s on overseas rides or touring the country more. one bike for the next 10 to 20 years is my dream.
re: solutions sought for modifying campy pista hubs for roadSheldon Brown
Feb 9, 2002 1:14 PM
You're making this seem harder than it is.

The axle is the same 10 mm x 26 tpi as older Campag road axles. We have nice Wheels brand CrMo axles for $12.95. Use any skewer you like.

As for the freewheel, just remove the lockring and put it in a safe place (or sell it on eBay...genuine Campagnolo lockrings are quite pricey!

The existing threading will be perfectly adequate for normal road use. I wouldn't use it on a mountain bike or tandem, those can put lots of torque on the hub.


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