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Fork to tell what to get(12 posts)

Fork to tell what to getjvr-oclv
Feb 6, 2002 7:38 PM
Maybe someone can help me. I have a Trek 5500 and want to change out the fork for a Reynolds Ouzi Pro fork. How do I find out what rake I should get?
re: Fork to tell what to getrusty Coggs
Feb 6, 2002 9:01 PM
Trek geometry charts says the offset(rake) on the 5500 is 41mm.
also check...tcr01
Feb 7, 2002 7:53 AM
the axle to crown dimension. If this is higher or lower it will change the head angle which will impact the trail dimesion. Trail is the critcal measurement here. I would suggest trying to duplicate exaclty what you have if you are happy with the handling characteristics of the bike. A note, unless you are a frame builder or have these precise measuring tools, you will be unable to do the measurements yourself. A couple of mm can make a big difference. Trek may be able to provide you with the information.
also check...Rusty Coggs
Feb 7, 2002 10:27 AM
No doubt the crown to axel center distance is something to consider. I just measuresd 2 of mine. It did not involve rocket science or special tools to come up with the same numbers shown in the QBP catalogue for those specific forks.
also check...tcr01
Feb 7, 2002 1:23 PM
Yeah, maybe I played up the measuring part a little harder than it is. The fork should be removed and meaured on a nice flat and even surface. there are several ways to obtain a fairly accurate measurement. No the less it is an important one when changing fork brands. Usaully, the basic Tiwainese forks have lower axle to crowns than do Time or Reynolds.
get a 40mm rake...C-40
Feb 7, 2002 9:47 AM
The trail of most Trek frames is on the short side to start with. A 40mm rake is the smallest generally available and closest to the Trek's 41mm. A 40mm rake will increase the trail and slow the steering by a very small amount.

It's unlikely that you would want to reduce the trail by increasing the rake to 43 or 45mm unless you want even quick handling.
Why change it at all?Troyboy
Feb 7, 2002 1:59 PM
Lots and lots of extremely serious racers on my team are on 5500's as well as the other models. None of them have mentioned any problems or even dislikes with their fork setups. Pros, 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s....
Old fork going to fix speedjvr-oclv
Feb 7, 2002 7:19 PM
My 5500 is a 1996. When I got it the stock fork was crap. So I put on a Wound Up fork and have had it on for 3+ years. Anyhow the Wound Up is going to my Fix speed and I am getting a Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork. I need to know the rake which I think is 40mm. Anyhow I am getting the 1 in steer which I hope is stiff and not to flexey.
Feb 7, 2002 2:01 PM
I remember some discussion about the crown or something being non-interchangeable. It might only be the 5900.... Not sure. Might want to check into it.
Try one of these.. works for 90% of the people out there.LungzNDistress
Feb 7, 2002 3:58 PM
Just put a 43 Ouzo Pro on my 5500Chen2
Feb 8, 2002 7:51 AM
haven't ridden it yet but it "looks" ok. Now you've got me worried. My bike is a '98 model and came with a threaded CF Trek fork which is actually more aluminum than CF. The 43 is what my LBS guys recommended, hope this wasn't a mistake. The tire is about the same distance from the down tube as it was with the Trek fork, certainly not closer.
2001 Trek brochure says12x23
Feb 8, 2002 4:07 PM
4.7cm rake sizes to 54cm, and 56cm-62cm are 4.3cm. I e-mailed Trek last year and they responded that fork/crown measurement is 370mm.