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opinions on Cane Creek Aeroheads, please?(3 posts)

opinions on Cane Creek Aeroheads, please?weiwentg
Feb 5, 2002 7:02 PM
are the wheels and hubs good? are the rims durable? TIA
As we speak, mine are at Cane Creek!James
Feb 6, 2002 12:54 AM
Both my friend and i bought the Aeroheads. We both have flat spots in our rims. Mine were so bad that the spoke would not tension, His are not as bad(but still).
We both weight about 220lb's and we both hit a few really good holes. Cane Creek is replacing both my rims as we speak, So at least they are good about it. the Cane Creek guy also told me that they are having problems with the rim weld.
Now i have to say that i used them alot and i am heavy, But i not sure if i was my weight(and pot holes) or a weak rim. Because my K's are true as ever.
I've had both Ksyriums and Cane Creeks, and the K'sbill
Feb 6, 2002 7:22 AM
are better. There, I said it. Y'all are saying, well, I hope so, with the price difference, but you can get K's in Europe mail order for what Aeroheads cost.
One of my Cane Creeks out of the box had damage to the rim. It looked as if the rim had been bounced hard. I tried to true it up, but I couldn't. Okay, sh*t haippens, and Cane Creek, after asking me some questions and being reassured that I never had abused or even ridden the damn things, replaced the rim. All well and good.
Then, I happily rode for a few months before going over ONCE. Just slipped out going slowly down a little twisty route on a wet bike path (hit the painted line, I think). I couldn't have been going much more than 5, maybe 10 mph. The rim, however, wrinkled a little I don't know how (may not have happened then, but if it didn't, I don't know when). I got it more true, but not entirely. Hit the brakes and hear the thump.
And then, when you do have to true them, they give you this flat-out ridiculous little wrench that slips if you don't do it just right and rounds the nuts. I should have known better and got a better wrench, but you figure, this is the one that they give to you. It's also damn hard to prevent spoke slippage.
They ride well, and I think that they are very pretty. They're light, too, and I would say that the low rim weight business isn't complete bs -- they wind up really well, and you crest a hill you are the first one shooting out. I just think, though, that there are better options, unless you get them cheap.