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Brake levers for fix speed(7 posts)

Brake levers for fix speedjvr-oclv
Feb 5, 2002 5:32 AM
I am almost finished with my fix speed bike. Need a set of brake levers. Any suggestions on what type and where to get. Need to be kinda cheap price wise.
new or used?johan burnt eels
Feb 5, 2002 6:24 AM
nashbar have regular brake levers by shimano.

if you are a touch small handed then dia-compe have these levers that would work well

tektro have these but i have no idea as to how well they work

if you have campy calipers then you are kinda forced to pay a lot more to keep a quick release option.

good used levers come up for sale at many places but it usually isnt worth the few dollars saved. and remember that usually old style levers mean more hand effort.

perhaps the new shimano ones above are your best bet.

i only have a front brake and use a bmx lever close to the stem (to hide it) - braking is ok, it is far cheaper and no-one steals it when chained up. it has made me ride in the drops more which is a good thing.but make sure they will fit on your bars as most have a forged alloy clamp that doesnt pry open if your bar is a large diameter.
Cable routingjvr-oclv
Feb 5, 2002 7:30 AM
Thanks for the links. Does the brake cable routing run under the hood and along the bars on these levers? or come out on top in a big ass loop.
all of them are aero/hidden cable routing.johan burnt eels
Feb 5, 2002 7:39 AM
i dont think anyone makes new levers with old school "big ass loop" cable routing. im sure some have tried though.

occasionally dia compe gx (or gm) 400 NOS brakesets pop up on ebay for not much. but then you would have to sell the calipers. i picked up a set for a friend as i couldn't stand the disrepair of his brakes for around $30 shipped. they work ok but still need a good amount of hand pressure.
alsojohan burnt eels
Feb 5, 2002 8:29 AM

and from the UK.
e-bay looks goodjvr-oclv
Feb 5, 2002 9:49 AM
Thanks for the info. I saw a few on e-bay that looked like they will work.I may bid.
I can hardly wait to get my fixie going.
enjoy your fixed gear but...johan burnt eels
Feb 5, 2002 10:44 AM
be carefull. you will understand after you ride a fixed for a while.

after building and riding mine (first time) i now look at my 20 speed ti/alu/carbon road bike with exotic low spoke wheels and wonder why i spent all that money.

my spin and strength and flexibitlty on that one gear had me realising that i rarely changed gears as often when on my multi speed. its purity of line also had me re-evaluating the way a bike should look and my multi speed wonder looked decidely stupid and fussy even though most would fall over its italian hype.

if anything i am considering selling both and getting a custom light steel frame and building it with a 7 speed freewheel and downtube shifters from new. this way i could easily set it up for fixed or 14 speeds whithin hours and stop me wasting more $$$'s evry time a new issue or latest model came about. the weight an performance of the prosposed new bike will be the same and i can have one bike for at least the next 10 years. and have some $$$'s left over for some new riding clothes.