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10 spd Cassette Options for Shimano(13 posts)

10 spd Cassette Options for Shimanohomiegee
Feb 4, 2002 4:14 PM
Anyone had good luck with the various 10 spd cassettes that fit Shimano splined hubs? Specifically, anyone tried the Shook setup? How well do these shift, fit, last, etc on stock Shimano hubs? I am getting some new wheels and would like to branch out from the Campy only designs so I can use the wheels with Shimano too.
re: 10 spd Cassette Options for Shimanojason in nh
Feb 4, 2002 6:25 PM
what about mavics? they have campy spline and there isn;t anything better than some ksyrium sl's.
Feb 4, 2002 8:14 PM
Actually... I'm ditching the K's for something lighter... the wheels aren't the issure here, I'm not even decided on them yet. I'm just looking for some info on the cassettes themselves
The Wheel Manf. cassettes are top notch...Cima Coppi
Feb 5, 2002 5:59 AM
They have the spacing setup perfectly, and one can have the option to get the 10 cog cassette in either the Ultegra of D/A version.

I have never heard a complaint from anyone who bought a Wheels Manf cassette. Checkout Branford for more info.

Wheel Manf. cassettes are an overpriced 95% solution.johan burnt eels
Feb 5, 2002 6:55 AM
not all the cogs are respaced as some are bonded together as per shimano. results are differing for some people due to their wheel types and spacing and the campy chain works ok but not as perfect. other 10 speed chain munfacturers may have better results.
Not what I understand to be trueCima Coppi
Feb 5, 2002 8:52 AM
The Shimano cogs that are pinned together are separated by Wheels Manf, respaced and pinned back. This would have to be the case, otherwise, the rest of the cogs would be moved closer to the dropout, and the chain would be close to rubbing the dropout on the smallest cog.

Yes they are expensive, but it is a labor intensive process to respace a cogset to the correct specs.

I have seen them in action, and I know they work correctly.

perhaps you should closely read their packaging instructionsjohan burnt eels
Feb 5, 2002 10:30 AM
i have the 9 speed accelerator 12-23 schematic diagram from wheels manu. in front of me as included in the packaging but not posted on the web .

they have their spacers (4) between the 13 and 17 tooth cogs. they also have indicated fitting of the .3mm spacer between the 17 tooth cog and the connected 19/21/23 tooth assembly. they suggest using the .3mm spacers between the 21 tooth and the inner pawl/flange gap to required spacing depending on the wheel.

if you use an 11t cog then an aditional .3mm spacer between the 12 and 13 t gogs is required.

the reliance on centering the derailleur from the middle and with the .3mm shimms an acceptable amount of accumulated spacing build up as the derailleur works towards the extremities is what makes it work. i dont call it a labor intensive process like you suggest but rather an extortionate re-hash for a 95% solution to a problem.

i doubt very much that with their 10 speed cassettes they have disassembled the pinned cassette cogs either. i am awaiting news from wheels manu. themselves and will post their reply if they get back to me on this matter. they have never replied to my previous inquiries with regard to their 9 speed cassette on no less than 1/2 doz occasions.

i am sure that there are many who will have great results with their products but it isnt spot-on campy spaced and if unfortunately like me the shifting isn't quite what it should have been. $150+ odd should make some question whether its worth the gamble. no amount of .3mm shims spacers and adjustment could get it to work with my wheels and yet a friends wheelset worked perfectly 1st try. flange height and lacing pattern have a lot to do with this. and yes two reputable lbs stores and myself all tried several derailleur and spacing adjustments to no avail.

another thing to consider is that campy 10 chains with shimano cogs are able to work but not perfectly.

i would be more than glad to hear that their 10 sp. cassette works for everyone but i am not sold on their value and their accuracy to all solutions. just trying to save another cyclist some money.
WheelsMfg 10 spd cassettes are NOT repinned to the almunobtainium
Feb 5, 2002 2:34 PM
carriers to reduce the cog spacing. I have one and the spacing where the cogs are on the alm carrier is unchanged. The cassette works perfectly for me. One disadvantage using WheelsMFG is that they cannot (or have not been able to as of yet)offer a cassette that starts with a 12 tooth cog. I recently modified a 12-23 DurAce cassete by adding a Cycle Dynamics 25 tooth Ti cog($30), and now understand why. It can be done but it required for me anyway, TIG welding the 12 tooth to the 13 tooth cog. No biggie at $20. And as a DIY the total cost is way less than a 10 spd Record Ti/steel cassette.
from WheelsMfg themsleves..johan burnt eels
Feb 6, 2002 6:36 AM
i sent a question via email inquiring

quick question, the last few cogs which are bonded together as per factory shimano - are these taken apart and respaced as well or is it just the loose cogs that have altered spacing?

i appreciate your reply

Actually Ben, this is somewhat priveledged manufacturing information I cannot divulge. I can say we do modify the carrier to work with the 10 spd


it doesn't take too much to read into what they are trying not to admit.
from what I can tellDog
Feb 6, 2002 7:04 AM
I bought one of these Wheels Man. cassettes when I went Campy 10 to work on my Ksyrium and Velomax hubs made for Shimano.

They appear to have been taken apart, milled, and rebuilt. The loose gears have milling on them (the 11, and maybe the 12) or the spacers.

I did not like them. Essentially, you are paying over $100 for a heavy Ultegra cassette. It would not work on my Velomax hub, either; there simply was not enough space to fit it on.

Anyone want one, cheap?

I tried the Mavics, too. They were even heavier, and did not shift very cleanly. I didn't care for the big plastic spacers, either.

I have three sets, also cheap.

In my opinion, if you switch systems, especially if you are going for top of the line light stuff, either wheels or components, go ahead and get the right hub, too. Otherwise, you are really compromising.

I have tried both Mavic and Wheels on Cane Creek hubs. Thebill
Feb 6, 2002 10:33 AM
Wheels worked better, particularly because the LBS was able to get only 9 cogs of the Mavic cassette on the hub. Got 10 of the Wheels cogs on, and it worked smoothly. Probably worked as smoothly as a campy cassette out of the box, maybe even more smoothly (this was before ultra, as opposed to exa-drive, which I do think makes a difference).
The trouble came in when I tried to switch out wheelsets between the Cane Creeks with the Wheels cassette and Ksyriums (campy-splined) with a regular ol' Chorus cassette. The cassettes did not line up the same, and the rear derailer needed adjusting. Not a whole lot, but enough so that it was a bother. I can't now tell you exactly which way or how much, but it was enough so that I sold the Cane Creeks. If you have only one wheelset, and you aren't worried about switching out, the Wheels cassette is a heckuva lot cheaper than a replacement wheelset just to fit the Campy drivetrain, although you have to make sure that the cassette will work with your wheelset. I tried to put the Wheels cassette on a plain ol' Shimano 105 hub without any sort of a retrofit, and, although it's supposed to work on 105's just fine (CXP21 rims), I couldn't fit all of the cogs on the hub. Didn't try very hard, just sort of slapped it on and, when it wouldn't go, forgot about it -- for all I know there was some spacer or something on the hub, because it had been set up for 8 sp., that I didn't see -- but it didn't just go on.
from what I can tellslow-ron
Feb 6, 2002 12:14 PM
I'm interested in the cassettes that you have. E-mail me at with your price if you're still considering selling one.
from WheelsMfg themsleves.._Marty_
Feb 7, 2002 5:24 PM
'modifying the carrier' can mean a shitload .. drill a hole in ti.. you 'modified' it..