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Easton Forks?(5 posts)

Easton Forks?WC
Feb 4, 2002 9:40 AM
I'm replacing the fork on my road bike and am leaning toward the Easton EC90.

Anyone have this fork and willing to offer some feedback/reviews?

Any issues with the carbon steerer? Stiffness? Handling?

Thanks for the info!!
re: Easton Forks?sprockets
Feb 4, 2002 2:20 PM
While I have admiration for other Easton products, I have examined and handled the 90 (though not ridden it). It is obviously not as stiff as other forks-Kinesis, Look HSC2, Ouzo Pro.I don't mean in the fore-and -aft flex, although I have heard complaints about Easton forks in this regard, instead I mean in the side-to-side stiffness sense-which I think is really important. I was also quite put off by its finish in addition to its flexy feel.
Feb 4, 2002 6:13 PM

How can you offer an opinion of a fork being flexy when you have not ridden it?

Do you expect us to believe you could tell a difference by picking them up and, what, twisting them in your hands?
Feb 4, 2002 6:28 PM
Maybe he's got "calibrated hands". Right up there with kicking tires at a car dealership, but hey, people do buy cars this way.

Kind of moot in any event without installing a hub and quick release. The analysis of the structure totally changes - I wonder how that feels in ones hands.... I agree - without riding it or conducting test in a lab one is just guessing. The Easton boys know a thing or two about composites and I'd put more faith in them than some fly-by-night operation out of Asia, but that's just me.
OK, point taken, but I'm just trying to give the...sprockets
Feb 4, 2002 9:37 PM
guy a sense of what I have seen, and based on what I experienced, have heard, and read-all data that corroborated-I would not buy an Easton. I think that I qualified the statement by describing why I felt as I do, and I related what I had heard.

I am not saying that hand-cranking them is anywhere as instructive as riding the thing. Maybe riding is about 90% more useful than manual inspection, but I would challenge you guys to physically pick up an Ouzo Pro, a Look HSC, and a 90, survey the build and finish, and of course push-and-pull them, and tell me that you think the Easton had any chance of giving the best handling. Tell me the Easton is the one you would pick to be under you on a fast descent on a rough surface, heading into a decreasing radius curve. Do it, and let me know.