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Specialized M4 S-works questions(2 posts)

Specialized M4 S-works questionsKurt VF
Feb 3, 2002 7:18 PM
The Specialized website ad states this bike comes with a "chainstay protector". Is this somthing made to fit this frame specifically or is it a generic stick-on chainstay guard? Also, if you have one of these frames/bikes and have any advice to share regarding assembly, problems, tips etc. please fill me in. Thanks.
re: Specialized M4 S-works questionsWoof the dog
Feb 3, 2002 9:10 PM
i bet it is the stupid clear tape. Mine didn't even come with it. Why need it, if your shifting is adjusted correctly. Even if you do drop your chain, you wouldn't see much damage.

you know what i hate on these aerodynamic frames? the stupid chainstay width - good for 20c tires, barely enough clearance for 23c, well at least not for me. Plus if this is not the new frame, there are two holes for the der. hanger which is where they crack - the stupidest design i've ever seen. I had a specialized allez comp which i cracked exactly in that place, now i am just waiting for a good pothole that won't damage my wheels but will sheer off the dropout weld on this sworks.

woof the arrrrrghhhh dog.