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gear ranges available?(6 posts)

gear ranges available?_Marty_
Feb 3, 2002 5:05 PM
what ranges are cassettes available? the 105.. Ultegra.. and DA? am wondering about the wider ranges.. heck. could someone use an XT or XTR cassette with a double chainring setup? i imagine there would be fine tuning involved with the mid-sized sprockets.. but im cool with that idea.. just want the widest range possible without using a triple setup

widest rangeDog
Feb 3, 2002 7:03 PM
The widest range you'll find is a 12-34 XTR rear and 5x-38 front. I've used this for some events and it works fine.

I used an XTR rear derailleur, too, by you probably don't have to. Another mtb derailleur will likely work. The XTR rear worked fine with a DA STI shifter.

For Shimano front, the smallest you can go is 38 teeth (from non-Shimano sources, though - check Excel). The largest is up to around 60, but I'd stick with 53 or smaller, as larger ones make shifting pretty difficult.

widest range_Marty_
Feb 4, 2002 3:28 PM
sounds good.. though i wont be competing.. just riding.. would you say that range be worth it for riding around? there are some good sized hills.. im now using 12-28 and 53/39 rings.. seems about as narrow range as id go.. true my bike is a tad heavy.. *23lbs maybe?* its fine and dandy thus far.. am really wondering out of curiosity more then anything..
widest rangegrzy
Feb 4, 2002 6:50 PM
If you go for a wide range cogset on a double setup and you're looking at huge jumps between gears. You'll soon find yourself wishing you had something in the middle when you only choices are either too high or too low. If you want a wide range then go for the triple. The contrary advice is to keep riding the 39/28 and soon you'll be used to it. If it was meant to be that easy they'd call it mountain biking. ;-)
widest rangeBig C
Feb 7, 2002 2:59 PM
i'm running campy chorus 10. my understanding is that campy comes with a 11/23, 12/25, 13/26, and 13/29 (req. derailer change)

i'm running a 11/23 cassette, but can't seem to get the needed rpm's for training so i want to swap it out with something that will help me tick em over a bit more. its between the 12/25 and 13/26. any votes?
widest rangegrzy
Feb 8, 2002 11:05 AM
The deciding factor is if you think you need the 12 tooth since the difference between the 12 and 13 is larger than the 25 to the 26 and the rear cog is in the denominator when you work out the ratios.

53______ 4.41____4.07_____2.12____2.03
39_______3.25___ 3________1.56____ 1.5

As you can see 4.41 to 4.07 is a much bigger jump than 1.56 to 1.50. The extremes are the only things that really matter since you have a slew of gearing options in between. Multiply everything by 27 if you want gear inches.