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Loud Dura-Ace(4 posts)

Loud Dura-Acerbenson
Jan 31, 2002 9:55 PM
Looking for a little help. I am currently using new 9sp dura-ace and the rear der just doesn't want to stay in adjustment.

The chain makes a clicking noise as if trying to switch to the next cog in either the upper 2 or lower 2 cogs. 12-23 if makes a difference. You can adjust the der to make 7 of the 9 cogs quite but not properly adjusted in all 9.

It acts like the cables are sticky but all the housing and cables are brand new. The chain and cogs have maybe 500 miles on them. I have rechecked wheel alignment multiple times and it seems to be proper. I replaced the aluminum der hanger on the GT zr1000 frame. The sti levers have never been crashed and only have 500 miles on them.

The chain is kept meticulously clean and lubed.

Any thoughts???

re: Loud Dura-Acefeathers mcgraw
Feb 1, 2002 7:44 AM
One bonehead possibility. Make sure the cable is attached properly. I had a shop attach the cable to the wrong side of the bolt, which threw off the indexing just enough that it would shift ok for a while, but the error adds up over many shifts until it starts to miss. Other than that, maybe have a shop check hanger alignment.
Good AdviseDave Hickey
Feb 1, 2002 1:44 PM
The cable should go on the bottom of the bolt. Putting the cable on top of the bolt will index for 8 speed.
re: Loud Dura-AceWoof the dog
Feb 1, 2002 3:04 PM
ok, just take everything apart - that includes completely taking off shifters, cable, housing, derailers, chainrings. Take them all off and place them in front of you. ... Now, put it all back together and it will work just fine.

Make sure all the bolts are tight on the derailer cage. Check out the springs in your barrel adjusters. They should be fine, but when they get old, the ones by the headtube start to randomly unwind when you do trackstands in traffic (caused by bar rotation). The only solution i know of is to get new springs as the old ones, even if you stretch them back, will be fatigued and won't work.

Uhm...replace housing one more time, and get the correct housing too, not brake cable housing, but shifting housing, and cable too. QBP sells good pre-stretched cables IMO!

It may be the shifter. I had the same problem on ~98-99 year ultegra shifter. The shop would adjust the shifting for say 13-15-16 and it would suffer elsewhere. Make it shift fine in the other place, and it wouldn't do it right in 13-15-16 cogs. The only thing to do at that point was to replace the whole shifter. I think its likely this is your problem if you've rechecked everything else.

You can also try putting this whole assembley on another frame and see if that makes a difference. But does your shifting work well? I mean noise is noise, but does it take something away from your shifting? Plus, remeber that you shouldn't crosschain cause that could be a source of your noise as well. Are you using big ring w/ 12th cog and small ring with 21-23?


Woof the dog.