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Quill vs. threadless(2 posts)

Quill vs. threadlessxxx
Jan 31, 2002 6:11 AM
Aside from weight and price, what are the key differences between a quill and a threadless stem?
re: Quill vs. threadlessDrD
Jan 31, 2002 6:35 AM
Threadless - fork steerer is smooth (comes in one length, and generally must be cut by user), bolt+star fangled nut used to preload bearings, stem clamps directly onto the steerer tube, adjusting the position is not as easy (once you have cut the steerer to length - you can go lower, but not higher, without replacing the stem with one which has more rise)

Threaded - fork steerer is threaded (you need to order the right length, or close to it - can only trim off so much of the steerer (2-3cm or so) and still have enough threads remaining) - top of headset threads onto steerer and is used to preload bearings - a lock nut threads on top and holds things in place (there are other implementations of the threaded headset, such as the CK gripnut, but they all do the same thing), the stem slides into the fork steerer, and a bolt is used to push out an expansion wedge which holds the stem in place. Allows ready adjustments to the vertical position of the stem.

Threaded works fine, though it's getting increasingly difficult to find replacement stems (selection has dropped off quite a bit) - if you have a bike with a threaded setup, and it works, I would leave it alone - if you are building up a new bike, it might make more sense to go threadless... you will certainly have a wider selection of forks and stems to choose from. however - if the new bike has an 1 1/8" headset, threadless is really the only viable option.